Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 115 - Forever Family Day...

There are so many special days throughout the year that bring back memories of our adoption journeys. The day our family was placed on the waiting list. The day our child legally became our daughter. The day we met our child. The day our child landed in the US. I could go on and on :o)

Well today is one of those days for our adoption journey to Sophie Le :o) This day three years ago, we received the much anticipated email in our inbox saying our Giving & Receiving Ceremony was set for May 15, 2007. We had been waiting for years (literally) to get the okay to travel to the other side of the world to meet our baby girl! To say we were ecstatic would be a huge understatement :o) We spent the next few days hammering out the details of our trip with our travel agency.

As our fourth family day is quickly approaching, I have been trying to decide how to celebrate this year. As in previous years, I will attempt to squeeze Sophie Le in her "USA overalls"....haha! I am not sure it will happen this year :o) I just love seeing how she how grown over the years compared to the outfit!

Forever Family Day 2009
Forever Family Day 2008 - Oh my gosh...look at those legs!!!
Forever Family Day 2007
Sophie Le with her nanny

How do you celebrate your forever family day?


Lisa said...

Four years?! That just sounds crazy! Happy Forever Family Day, Sophie Le and family!!

Dawn said...

We usually go to the ethnic resturant to which the child came from. Hadassah--Vietnamese and Cherinet--Ethiopian. We celebrate with our entire family there, usually with a cake. And I try to get an ethnic gift as well. But that is getting hard to do. I really needed to buy more while there!LOL