Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 117 - Parade, Swinging & Commercial...

Today the girls got a few supplies from the kitchen and danced/paraded around the living room...rocking out to a cd entitled "Classical Wedding Music." Haha! I think those girls could dance to anything!
Btw, how cute is Hillary Ashton's shirt? We got it for her last night at Target and she LOVES it!

In the meantime, I was in the kitchen making this...
Oh my gosh...Yum, yum, yummy! Mmmm, mmmm!

We also played outside for awhile...this picture was taken about one minute before Sophie Le got hit on the forehead by the car door...a HUGE bruise and bump appeared immediately :o( Poor baby!
She actually didn't cry much at all...I was shocked. She cries more when Julianne tries to take her toys...haha! My baby does NOT like anyone taking her toys :o)

Hillary Ashton is learning to "pump" her legs when she swings...Praise the Lord :o) Haha! Yet another benefit of her growing up...I am trying to embrace this growing up thing...haha!

We aren't making much head way with Julianne's! The medicine has made the bumps that weren't very noticeable VERY noticeable. It has also caused her right eyelid to look HORRIBLE. I have had so many people ask me if she fell and hurt her eye. Her lips are also very blistered. I dont' know what relation that is unless maybe she licked some of the cream? I am so ready to be done with these pesky bumps!
I have resorted to "picking" off a few of the smaller bumps. That has actually worked really well. At first this was her reaction to mommy picking the bumps off of her face (which I REALLY do feel bad about)...
However, if I let her honk my nose while I am picking off the bumps, she laughs and laughs. She is such a good sport.

In other news, the girls & I are totally in love with this commercial...

Haha! I had never seen the commercial until a 11 year old boy was on Ellen the other day talking about the video spoof he made of the Old Spice commercial his mom's birthday...

I think it may my favorite commercial ever. Haha!

Also today is Ally's 6th birthday...Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


Tricia said...

Oh, picking the bumps!!! Is that dermatologist recommended? It sounds AWFUL and I would definitely not be amused by squeezing your nose if you were trying to do it to me. :) Ouch. Mean old bumps GO away already.

And, sad for Sophie Le getting hit by the car door.

I was gonna call you about your swing set. We are looking at getting one and wanted to know about your purchase experience. Talk to you soon.

Laura said...

Cute post! Sorry about Julianne's bumps, I know that must be frustrating! All of the girls are just too precious! And, I love that commercial. I rarely see commercials anymore, but I have seen that one and love it! Have a wonderful day! Miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

My son had them and I picked them off too!

Heather M. said...

You would think, as expensive as that cream would have worked wonders!!! Bummer!!!

Sorry for Sophie Le! Poor forehead!

And, sorry for you having to pick off those bumps! I think I would throw up. I'm just not good at things like that.

Happy Thursday!