Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 119 - Grandparent's Day, Gardening & Sweet girls...

Today was Grandparent's Day at Hillary Ashton's school. Her class has been practicing really hard for the past few weeks for this day and she was really excited to have her grandparents come to visit her school. Unfortunately my parents are under the weather so they were not able to make it...Hillary Ashton was really sad, but agreed that it would be okay if she could send them a video of her performance :o)

The best part of grandparent's day (to me) is that my baby got out of school at lunch :o) Yea!! We met for lunch at Mimi's Cafe...
day 118 f
Both of the big girls ordered Mickey Mouse pancakes with was a big hit :o)
day 118 e

After lunch, we headed home to play and to let the little kids get a much needed nap :o)

Watch out Project Runway...there is a budding new designer on the horizon...Hillary Ashton :o) She loves making all kinds of accessories out of nature...haha! Here is Mimi's awesome headband...
day 118 b
And Papa's designer belt...
day118 a

Why would you use a pail to carry your rocks when you have a perfectly good rain boot?

Notice anything "strange" about this picture?
I will give you a hint...Julianne is NOT wearing brown pants. Haha! I am telling you, that child does not like diapers. After her nap, she decided that she wanted to use the potty so I sit her on it. I walked out of the room to tend to Jonah and she came running to me with a big smile on her face. I said, "Julianne did you go potty?" and she very proudly said, "Yes!" I went to bathroom to check and sure enough she did! However, somewhere along the way she must have gotten the idea that she needs to stand up to potty. Uh oh! We will need to work on that some more :o) Anyways, as a reward I let her go commando for a little while...she LOVED it!

I am so sad to say that we are just now finding the time to finish planting our veggies and flowers. I have a goal to simplify our life and I will be doing my best in the coming months to make sure that is done. I don't like being too busy with "life" to plant seeds with my girls! That is not the life I want for my children.
Sophie Le is so happy that the zucchini that she planted last week is growing :o)
I just LOVE listening to their sweet conversations :o) It is so fun having three little girls!
This picture cracks me up! The big girls went in the house to get the seeds and Julianne just sit there patiently waiting on them. She would look at the garden and then up to the sky and then back to the garden...haha! Big sister never gets in any hurry so sometimes we spend a lot of time waiting on her...haha!
Okay, these next few pictures may be some of my favorites :o) Apparently she got a little bored waiting on her sisters :o)
She just LOVES sticking out her bottom lip anytime she is not happy with the current situation :o) I think it is the cutest thing!
So sweet!

Sophie Le really racked in some serious Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars tonight :o) Yea, Le Le!
She studied all of the items carefully...
And decided on...flash cards...this does not surprise me at all :o)
It didn't take her long to go through all of the cards (counting, shapes, colors)without missing any...she is a smart little cookie! She has know all of those things for at least 18 months. We are thinking about teaching her to read. She is asking me ALL OF THE TIME, how to spell this word or that word. She will also read the letters off of papers/signs/etc and ask what those letter spell. I really think she would learn pretty easily...but she is only three...there is so much time for that later...but really, is there any good reason to wait?

As usual, Hillary Ashton got big bank tonight :o) She is all about earning "money." Haha!
She chose rocket balloons...this choice did not surprise me at all either :o)
Little sister chose heart bracelets...this child is all girl!

Update on Julianne's bumps (THANK you to the commenter that told me that she also picked the bumps off of her son's face...I felt soooooooooo much better after reading that!) Okay, here is where we are today. I am making it black and white because, it really does look pretty bad. I mean, like she just got out of a boxing ring...and she didn't do well :o( You really can't see the horrible spot on her eyelid in this picture. However, I do think her face will look A LOT better in a couple days when the spots heal where I picked (eeeek!) off the bumps. Her lips are also getting a little better. At this point, we are not applying the cream. I may start it back in a few days when some of the rougher spots heal. I am praying we are on the home stretch!


Tricia said...

Julianne has some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They are huge and gorgeous. I love her lashes. Now, those pesky bumps go away already.
Hope to see you tomorrow.

Nadra said...

Amy...such great pictures of your life. I love Julianne's "brown pants" and the pictures of her waiting on her sisters are priceless.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Emy said...

Those pictures of Julianne on the bucket are HILARIOUS!! I was laughing so hard checking out that sweet expression, ha ha ha!
I think Hillary Ashton and my Ben sound SO much alike! What super fun kids we have!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I was the picker!!! His were on his chest! I am also a nurse although I should not admit since I picked at them

Heather M. said...

Oh My! The bottomless child is just the cutest thing EVER!!! Love her little pouty lip! hahaha! Glad her little bumps are healing....looks like a fun filled day!

Julie and Chris said...

Love all the new pictures...they are all so cute....did you know you have 2 117 days???? Just to make sure so you don't get off to