Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 91 -Flowers, Playtime & April Fools' Dinner...

We pulled into the church parking lot this morning for MDO and my baby saw some beautiful flowers outside her window...she asked if we could stop and smell them :o) I LOVE my baby likes to literally stop and smell the flowers :o)
Julianne's "cheese" face cracks me up...every time!
Sophie Le had a plan this morning...a well thought out plan...haha! First she wanted to take a picture by the tulips with her hands on her hips...misson accomplished :o)
Then a picture by the yellow flowers with a hand on her hip and a hand on her head :o) I LOVE when kids cracks themselves up!
Then by the blue flowers with "big muscles" Haha!

This afternoon, the little kids and I took Hillary Ashton to cheer class. While she was inside cheering her little heart out, we enjoyed the sunshine at the playground :o)
I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a happy baby...especially this happy baby :o)
I pointed the camera at Sophie Le to take her picture and she smiled slightly...the funny thing is that she was sitting in time out :o) I LOVE that two of my girls smile whenever I hold up the camera...usually no matter the situation :o)
We used to get this adorable "nose scrunch" a lot, but now...not so much. I just LOVE when she does it :o)
Sweet baby!

This morning on the way to school, Hillary Ashton & I had the following conversation:

Mommy: Hey Hillary Ashton, I have a lot of errands to run after Mother's Day Out today and I won't be able to make it to your school in time to pick you up. I am going to need you to walk home from school today. I put a note in your backpack for your teacher.
Hillary Ashton (with HUGE eyes): Oh my gosh, mama.
Mommy: Look out your window. Do you see those white lines?
Hillary Ashton (still HUGE eyes): Oh my gosh...oh my gosh. Yes, I see the lines.
Mommy: When you are walking home, be sure and stay on the right side of the lines so you won't be on the road where the cars drive.
Hillary Ashton: Um, okay. But Mommy, I really don't think I know the direction home. I think I might be lost.
Mommy: Hey Hillary Ashton (she looked at me...eyes still HUGE), April Fools!! Haha!

Hillary Ashton had no idea it was April Fools' Day before that and she thought it was the funniest thing ever! She "April Fooled" me all the way to school and for the rest of the afternoon :o) Haha!!! I think may be one of her favorite holidays! Five year olds are the best!!

To continue the April Fools fun, here is the girls' supper for tonight...
To say Hillary Ashton LOVED it would be a understatement! Haha!
They had "grilled cheese" - I love how this one turned out :o) It is really pound cake with frosting
They also had "french fries with ketchup," "English peas," and fried potatoes with boca meat and cheese...I had to add a bit of real supper :o)

Right after Hillary Ashton took a bite of grilled cheese...
I think I blew her little mind :o)
April Fools!!
She said, "Mama, you got me big time!"
Sophie Le took a bite of hers...
She thought something was different...
She said, "Mama, this is the best grilled cheese I have ever had!" Haha!


Tricia said...

Love it! So funny. I am super impressed that you got all that together. Not surprised. Just impressed.

Heather M. said...

HAHAHA!!! How funny! You did great for April Fool's Dinner! I may have to try that next year. Very cute pictures & aren't you loving Spring Weather Clothes!!! Darling!

The Garners said...

HOW FUNNY! That's so fun! Rhett's teacher got the class today by telling them they had to come in on Saturday to make up a snow day. He thought it was so funny (after she told them it was a joke!). :)

The pictures of their confusion over the sandwich--hilarious!

Lisa said...

I'm with Sophie Le. That may be the best grilled cheese ever! What a great joke!

Tanya said...

so much fun! love the extra effort you put in to make things fun for your girls! love their reactions! priceless!

alexis said...

Too funny!! I just LOVE your header!! What a great picture!!

Emy said...

ha ha ha ha! I was laughing so hard at those grilled cheese pictures! I am definitely going to have to try that!

As always, beautiful pictures!