Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 92 - Hunting for Eggs...

We had a busy day today :o) This morning I had my yearly foster care physical and I took Julianne with me so the doctor could look at her spots. My parents were SUPER nice to come up and watch the other three kids so I didn't have to take them too :o) So the doctor suggested I take Julianne to see a dermatologist. He said the usual treatment plans are: freezing off the spots, scraping the spots, expensive cream or just wait it out. We plan on taking her to see a specialist, but in the mean time does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what we should do?

After yummy lunch at Larry's Pizza, the big girls and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt put together by the Vietmoms :o)
Hillary Ashton wanted to make sure and wear her glasses so she could find eggs far away :o)
This baby hadn't had a nap...but she did pretty good anyways :o) You NEVER know what you're gonna get on no nap days!
I told my girls to try and not get "easy eggs" since they are older than most of the other kids. Sophie Le kept asking, "Do you think this one is easy, Mama?" Haha!
Sometimes, they are sweet as pie to each other...I LOVE those times!
The house we were at had these cool wind chime structures along the back fence...hearing the wind chimes ring was so pleasant :o)
Attempt at a group shot...I know I may be biased, but these are some BEAUTIFUL children!!
Sophie Le tends to be rather shy around most people. However, when she needs help opening up an Easter egg, she can be friendly :o)
How sweet is that little face???
One of the moms brought bubbles...they were a BIG hit (Thanks Kelly!)
This cute little guy laughed a lot today...I LOVE happy babies!
This little girl is one of the only other girls in our group. So crazy to think these two little ones were born a world away and are now playing together in AR! AMAZING!
She is so sweet And beautiful!
Did I mention my babies LOVED the bubbles? Haha!
Not sure if we made it out of the neighborhood before she was off to dreamland :o)

We hurried home, grabbed Julianne & Jonah, said good-byes to Ganny & Papa and headed to our next Easter Egg Hunt!
Sooooo glad Daddy was able to meet us there!!! This is the only egg hunt he is able to attend this year because of work :o(
This Egg hunt was no ordinary egg hunt...the Easter Eggs were dropped out of a helicopter!!! How cool is that?
Here they come!!!
Daddy trying to get his little girls to the eggs...
There were LOTS and LOTS of kids there!
Daddy and his girls were too slow...they didn't get any eggs.
Big sister was FAST...she got some and was happy to share!
Sweet girls checking out their eggs...

We have one more Easter Egg hunt in the morning. It is our church's egg hunt and we are praying the rain holds off so we can go. We always have so much fun. Here are a couple pics of that morning last year...
Hillary Ashton, age 4
Little Lady, age 3...I REALLY miss her!
Sophie Le, age 2...she has never been big on getting her picture made with big animals :o)
Little Man, age 1...I wonder if he will be hunting eggs tomorrow? I bet he is running all over the place this year!


The Garners said...

It was so fun to run into you today! Wish we'd seen you again at the egg drop! It was exciting, even though our kids didn't make it to mid-field in time to get many eggs.

Happy Easter weekend!

Lisa said...

Loved seeing you and the big girls today! What a fun time!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you and the big girls were able to come to the egg hunt. Happy Easter!

Heather M. said...

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend. I don't think we'll try the Easter Bunny Picture; she wouldn't have anything to do with Santa! Love Easter Egg Hunts! Never seen eggs dropped out of a helicopter! Cool!