Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 95 - School Work & Jelly Beans...

I LOVE when the girls are sweet to each other...unfortunately this isn't always the case, but we are working on it :o) Luckily, this afternoon, they were sweet.

Hillary Ashton showing Sophie Le how to write her letters...
I am always so impressed with how quickly Sophie Le catches on to new things :o)
Hillary Ashton kept saying, "Oh, that is so good Sophie Le. You are writing so good. I really like how you made that "E." Haha!

Today we made jelly bean bracelets...
The idea is to take a needle and thread, knot the end and thread the jellybeans onto the thread until you reach the desired length. Your needle will get sticky, but it is easy to wash off when you are done :o)

I wasn't 100% sure about giving my girls needles...but thank God they did great!
I just LOVE watching my babies concentrate on an activity. The faces they make are just so stinkin' cute :o)
Sweet fingers...
I love how Sophie Le figured out standing the needle up on the table made it easier to feed the jellybeans through to the thread :o)
She was so proud of her jellybean bracelet...that just so happened to match her shirt...that is soooooo Sophie Le :o)
Hillary Ashton's bracelet is colorful and not in any certain pattern...that is so Hillary Ashton! She really just wanted to eat hers...
She can be a bit on the dramatic sometimes :o)
Sophie Le liked eating her jellybeans right out of the bowl instead of off of her bracelet...she "worked too hard to just eat it." Haha!

I didn't give baby sister a needle, but she enjoyed eating jellybeans :o)
...and getting her picture made :o)

We also incorporated the Jelly Bean poem and talked about what each color symbolizes in regards to the death and resurrection of Christ. For example, the red jellybean represent the blood Jesus shed for us, the yellow jellybean represents Jesus who is the Light, etc... The girls really enjoyed that!


The Garners said...

That's a super neat craft! Love the pic of H.A. eating her bracelet! :)

Lisa said...

Needles? Add bravery to your list of mothering characteristics! There is nothing those kids can't do. Very cute project.