Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 96 - Sleepover & The "SWEET" Girl Shop...

So last night, hubby came downstairs while I was making the kids' lunches and said, "You've got to come up and see the little girls." I was in a hurry to get things together for today and I was like, "I'll be up in a little bit." He was all, "No, you've got to come now!" So I did...and I am so glad I did :o) Here is what I found...


Sophie Le climbed into bed with Julianne and fell asleep :o) Julianne has her hand around Le's head and Le is holding on to Julianne's leg! LOVE it!!!

We started something new today...a Rewards System :o)

I want to preface this by saying, our girls are really, really good kids. For the most part, they are really sweet, caring and fun little girls. We feel beyond blessed to have well-behaved (for the most part) kids. However, I shared with you yesterday that the girls are not always sweet to each other. We also feel that they are becoming a little (just a little tiny bit)...spoiled. Eeekkk! I said it! They have come to expect great, fun things...all of the time. They have gotten to the point where we don't feel they appreciate....you know, REALLY appreciate...treats. They both like to help around the house, but we usually have to prompt them to help. Our goal is to have caring, sweet, helpful, loving, responsible, honest kids.

We decided something needs to change in order to steer them in a right direction before we get too far off the path we are heading for :o) So, we came up with a Rewards system :o)

The girls are soooooooooooo into it which is GREAT!! We explained the guidelines to them last night after supper and we implemented the system this morning. After only one day, I can already see a positive change in their behavior and attitude toward one another! Yippee!!

We have a list of "chores" the girls can do to earn either "Mommy Money" or a "Daddy dollar." They can also received "Kindness bucks" for doing random acts of kindness or being respectful throughout the day. They are never allowed to ask for the money...it has to be at our discretion.

I have LOVED watching my girls be so sweet to each other all day! It has been amazing! We are hoping by encouraging sweetness, it will become a habit to them.

They each earned their first "Mommy money" this morning by making their beds...they both did a good job and they were so proud of themselves!!

We handed out first reward dollars tonight and also opened "The Sweet Girl Shop" to give the girls the opportunity to spend their bucks. They can also redeem their bucks for extra privileges such as computer time, t.v. time, staying up an extra 15 minutes before bed, inviting a friend over to play, etc...

Here they are waiting on the money they earned today...
When we handed them their money, they thought it was soooooo funny...
I am sure you are curious as to why they found the money so humorous :o) Notice anything funny?
They are literally "Mommy moneys" and "Daddy dollars" Haha!!

Hillary Ashton earned $8 today and Sophie Le earned $5. They each earned $2 kindness bucks for being so good at Wal-Mart this afternoon :o) Being good and helpful while grocery shopping with four kids is really priceless to Mommy :o)

Here are the girls shopping at "The SWEET girl shop." It is called "SWEET" girl shop because they have to be sweet to shop there :o)
Sophie Le went straight for the candy section of the shop...haha!
She bought a cupcake with her money...she is now broke :o) Haha!
Counting out her money to Daddy...
Enjoying her "Sweet" success :o)
Hillary Ashton has her eye on one of the higher priced items so she is saving her money :o) The way she is going, she will be there in no time...she is WAY into earning money! Here she is decorating her wallet to store her money in :o)

It has been wonderful seeing the girls so happy about doing chores and being so sweet to each other...I hope it lasts!!


Heather M. said...

Oh wonderful idea! I bet it will last, especially if one is already saving up for something big!!

Tricia said...

Amy - This is great! I love the money - very cute. Your Sweet Shop is very nice also. You must have a really good buyer for the store. :)