Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 97 - Wednesdays...

I have a love/hate relationship with Wednesdays.

I LOVE that I get to take Sophie Le to gymnastics on Wednesdays and I LOVE that my sweet hubby usually meets us there.
I actually LOVE any day it is appropriate for my child to wear a tutu around town...not that it stops me on other days, but at least on dance/gymnastics days I feel wearing a tutu is pretty much a requirement :o)
I also LOVE that my girl is in NO HURRY to change out of her gymnastics clothes after we get home :o)

I HATE Wednesday because I have to LOAD all four kids in the car to take Hillary Ashton to school on Wednesdays morning and then I come right back home and I have to UNLOAD the kids and bring them in. I then LOAD them two hours later and drive them to The Little Gym for Sophie Le's class...where I UNLOAD them again. We sit inside for an hour and then I have to LOAD them and we drive home...the ride home is just long enough that they all fall asleep. We get home, I UNLOAD them, bring them inside (I will also add that my kids tend to be a bit cranky when they are woken up), fix them lunch and then put them all down for a nap (Julianne always misses her morning nap on Wednesdays). About 1 hour later, I have to WAKE ALL THREE SLEEPING BABIES up and LOAD them to go pick Hillary Ashton up from school. There are not many things I HATE more than to wake a sleeping baby...not to mention THREE sleeping babies! If left alone, they would sleep another 1 1/2 to 3 hours! Did I mention that my kids are cranky when woken? So we drive to pick up Hillary Ashton and then come UNLOAD the kids again. We stay home for 1 1/2 hours and then I LOAD the kids for church. We drive to church and I UNLOAD the kids, we go to Choir and Mission Friends and then I LOAD the kids in the car and come home. I then UNLOAD the kids and get them ready for bed.

Every once in awhile, we will get lunch out which will add an additional UNLOAD and LOAD to the day or go to the park after school which adds a LOAD and UNLOAD.

That is a total (on a normal Wednesday) of six LOADS and six UNLOADS.

That means I buckle car seats 18 times and unbuckle car seats 21 times...that is exhausting!

However, I LOVE Wednesday because I get to spend all day with my little sweet little angels :o)
How SWEET are Julianne's new little pink Crocs?
I also LOVE being at home with my girls when we have nothing better to do than watch the bees pollinate the flowers :o)
Can you see all the three bumble bees in this shot :o)

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to church on Wednesday nights and helping with the four year old choir class. The aren't many things in this world more precious than hearing little kids sing to our Lord. I also LOVE that my girls enjoy learning about missionaries and new songs :o)

A couple extra things to add from today...

Hillary Ashton received tithing envelopes in the mail today...imprinted with "Hillary Ashton Arnold." How sweet is that? Since she got baptized a few weeks ago, she is now an official member of our church :o)
She asked if she needed to tithe her "Mommy Money (that is from our new Rewards Program)." Hahaha!! Btw, that is marker on her forehead...not unusual AT ALL :o)

This morning I had everyone ready to load in the car, but I couldn't find my keys! Uggg! The girls and I looked EVERYWHERE...even through the trash...ewww! After 45 (precious, morning) minutes, I found my keys and cell the garage! Needless to say, my girl was late for school. I told her I was sorry and she said, "That's okay, Mama. I will just have to get a tardy slip." That really made me feel bad :o( I said, "Sweetie, I am really sorry I couldn't find my keys this morning. I wish they could give Mommy a tardy slip instead of you." She said, "I am serious Mama, it is no big deal. All a tardy slip is is a piece of paper with writing all over it. It isn't anything bad or anything." Haha!

Hillary Ashton LOVES to speak in a "kitten talk" when she is trying to get the kittens to come to her. It is really funny to listen to and even funnier that it seems to work...ha! When we got home from school this afternoon, I heard Hillary Ashton (who was in the garage) talking in her "kitten talk," but her voice seemed kinda angry and bothered. Sophie Le and Julianne were both yelling. I was getting Jonah out of the car so I didn't know what was going on. Then Sophie Le came running as fast as she could to me and yelled, "Mama, mama! Meow (our male kitten) won't stop sitting on top of Princess Lola!" Goodness gracious! If we end up with kittens in a few months, I may go crazy! Haha!


Tricia said...

Oh, Amy. That is a lot of loading and unloading! It would be so great if you could carpool with someone for HA - so you don't have to wake those babies up. I would probably go insane if I had to do that. Hope you have a good Thursday.

Renee said...


The Garners said...

Wow--that IS a lot of loading/unloading. It is tiring, and I don't have to drive as far as you do, and I have one less car seat to buckle! Maybe you really should make H.A. walk home from school like your April Fool joke! :)

I too hate to wake a sleeping baby--I had to do that this morning to take C to his doctor appointment and I really didn't want to. He looked so sweet and cozy in his bed--I wished I could call the clinic and postpone an hour! ha!

S in her tutu--SOOOO cute!

The Jennings said...

The tardy story and the kitten funny!

This mom called her husband to come out to West LR on his lunch break to meet her at a store so she would not have to unload and load. She just had to run in somewhere for two seconds! Of course that mom was me! I hate when I have to unload all of them to run in somewhere like...the post office for example! I always try to make it a game..."who can get in their carseat the fastest?" It works OK until a smarty pants says, "I'm not racing today." But....I am so glad I have carseats to load and unload!:)

I do love Julianne's crocs!


Heather M. said...

hahaha. love your post today. too many cute & funny things...that's what happens when we have all these cute & funny kiddos! I too do NOT like waking a sleeping baby & avoid it at all costs. I must say I do like that everyone sleeps 'til 7:30 or 7:45 these days now that we've adjusted to not having to be at school at 7:45. I used to hate waking C up every morning. LOVE the crocs! Little Mary Jane Crocs! Haven't seen those....way cute! Kittens???!!! I think you could handle 6-8 more little ones around! LOL! DO you have to go anywhere on Thursday? Hope you can recover from Wednesday!

Nadra said...

We love Mission Friends. Both of the boys look forward to Wednesday evenings. We have kids choir on Sunday evenings (or Quids Choir as Ian says). Love Julianne's sweet pink crocs....precious.

Julie said...

I'm tired just reading that so I can't even imagine doing that all day long.

Baby kittens .... OH MY!!!!