Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 98 -Good Manners, Cheer Class & Shake your booty...

We are on Day 3 of our new Rewards System and it is working GREAT!!! Yea!! Several times today, Sophie Le said, "Hi Mama. I love you. Yes Ma'am, I do. Your welcome Mama. Hey, Mama...are you liking my good manners today?" Haha! They get "kindness bucks" for being sweet during the day and using good manners :o) I don't care if I am paying for the kindness, I still enjoy it...a lot! Sophie Le also did sooooooooo good at MDO today. She is in my class and often throws a fit or two during the day. You know, it is hard sharing Mama with 14 other three year olds :o) I could tell when she was getting bent out of shape today and I would say, "Hey Sophie Le, what do you think you will buy next from the SWEET girl shop?" Her attitude changed immediately :o) I liked that...a lot!!!

I took Hillary Ashton to an earlier Cheer class today and guess what!!! She got a private lesson :o) Private lessons are SUPER expensive at her gym. I decided last week to switch her to an earlier class so we wouldn't get home so late (8:00). Lucky for us, the class only has two other children enrolled. One was absent last week and both were absent today...private one on one lesson for my baby at the normal group price! Sweet! She LOVED the one on one attention!
There's my the tye dye shirt :o)

Sophie Le and Julianne watching Dora the Explorer on my, I LOVE cell phones these days...they are awesome!
They also enjoyed playing outside on the gym's playground...
We were heading out the door this morning and Julianne grabbed my leg and starting patting her head saying "bo bo bo mama bo bo!" She was VERY insistent that I get a bow in her hair before we walked out the door :o) Haha! I love when my bow brainwashing finally sets it with the girls :o) I told her that her bow was in the car and I would put it in her hair when we got to the car. She looked a little suspicious, but went ahead and walked outside :o) Haha! Gotta love a baby that thinks that a bow in her hair is a prerequisite for walking outside!
Sweet girls!
Hillary Ashton LOVES playing outside after class!
Showing Sophie Le some of the moves she practiced in class...

After we got home, Hillary Ashton grabbed a notebook and pencil and started a list of all of the chores she did today :o) Haha! Gotta make sure you get all of your Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars :o)

Sophie Le LOVES showing Daddy the crafts she makes at MDO...I think Daddy likes seeing them :o)
I LOVE hand print crafts!

Sophie Le earned lots of money for The SWEET girl shop today!
So did big sister...she is waaaaaaay into earning money!


This is what Hillary Ashton is saving up for...

She spent some of her money last night on a punching ball. It has been a BIG hit with her and her sisters! So much in fact, Sophie Le bought one tonight :o)
I think it was a great as she thought it would be :o)
Their FAVORITE thing to do is put the ball around their waist and say, "Shake your booty. Shake your big balloon booty!"
Why do kids think saying "booty" is sooooo funny?


Unknown said...
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Renee said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! They are just SOOO CUTE! I'm such a huge fan of your blog! HAhA!

Tricia said...

Love the girls dancing with bootie balloons. So much fun! What a good day. Much better than driving around loading and unloading all day!

Nadra said...

Big Ball it. The picture of Julianne and Sophie Le (with Julianne's crinkled nose) is precious, precious. I love that Julianne is "bow brainwashed"...good job Amy :)

Leslie said...

I may have to try your rewards system with my girls! And where did you get Julianne's crocs, if you don't mind me asking? I LOVE them!

Heather M. said...

Bwahahahahaha!!! Big Balloon Booty! HILARIOUS!!!

You'll love all the compliments strangers will give you on the kids' good manners. Especially the older generation; they are always shocked by our boys' manners. Makes you feel good! Glad the Surprise Box is working!!! Sounds like a great plan!