Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 99 - $$$, Foster Kids & Playtime...

We started the day at Wal-Mart this morning. The little kids and I waited 45 minutes for the pharmacy to open so we could pick up a prescription for Julianne's molluscum. The bumps don't seem to bother her and they are suppose to go away on their own eventually, but the the bumps don't seem to be in in hurry to make their exit. While we were waiting, I decided to finally get a photo frame for our foster kids. I have been wanting to get a frame for awhile, but I just haven't felt ready to have those sweet faces staring back at me each day. The sad thing about foster care is that you rarely see happy endings. I think about each of "our" kids often and all I can do is pray they are safe, healthy and happy. I decided to get one frame that holds several pictures and I really like how it turned out...
I showed the girls the frame this afternoon and they LOVED looking at the old pictures and remembering each their foster brothers and sisters :o) Hillary Ashton said I should have gotten a "much bigger frame" with more spaces because we are going to "have lots and lots and lots more foster babies!" Haha! I haven't picked out a spot to hang it yet, but that is one the agenda for tomorrow :o)

So 9:00 finally rolled around this morning and by 9:01 I was leaving the pharmacy empty handed :o( The cream recently went generic, but apparently the name brand price must have been through the roof! The generic cream is $498!!!!! Oh. my. gosh! Our insurance covered a majority of the price, but our portion is still $178! Crap! I felt REALLY bad, but I decided to go home and think about it before buying the cream. I mean, do we REALLY need it? I don't think Julianne even knows she has the bumps. I keep going back and forth on weather I should get the cream. What would you do?

After we got home, Sophie Le decided it was her sole purpose to entertain me today :o) She did lots of dancing with her blue punching ball (aka her "big blue booty")...
She LOVES that thing...too bad she decided to take it outside this afternoon... Balloons and sticks don't mix well. Some lessons are hard to learn.
At one point today she went to use the restroom and came back with her pants around her ankles, she then proceeded to sing "Pants on the Ground." Haha! I about fell out of my chair! I can't believe she knows that song! And yes, I did video her, but I haven't downloaded it yet :o)

I FINALLY got Julianne's spring/summer closet done today...three more kid closets to go. Maybe I'll be done by Fall!

Somebody earned enough Mommy money to buy the Tinkerbell video camera today :o)
So sweet! I am so proud of her for not only earning the money by being helpful and using good manners, but also for saving her money.

Sophie Le's SWEET girl shopping strategy is a complete 180 from Hillary Ashton's :o) She likes to spend her money immediately...usually on sweets :o)
Hillary Ashton goes out of her way to be kind to her sisters these days and she quickly offered her new toy to Sophie Le to play with :o)

Does this picture not break your heart? Poor Julianne! She wanted to go shopping too...haha!
She was sooooooooooooo happy when I told her that she has been good today and could pick something from the SWEET shop :o) Of course, she jumped on the punching ball bandwagon :o)


Tricia said...

Hurray for Julianne! I am so glad she got to go to the Sweet Shop. As for the cream, is that why you called me today? That is a tough one, I'd have to consult with the dr on if the bumps are causing any irritation that you just aren't aware of (because she is so young sometimes we don't even know when they are itching b/c they don't know why they feel bad) and how long it could take for them to go away on their own. It's a lot of money for something that is going to heal itself.
Love the pictures of all those sweet babies who have been blessed to spend time in your home. Thanks for sharing.

Nadra said...

Amy...99 I'm so proud of you.

As for the cream. That's a tough call. I think, like Tricia, I'd talk to my doctor. Or..better Shelley and Brian...they're dermatologists...they can tell you . Maybe there's another option for a less expensive cream.

I'm thinking about using the sweet shop with my boys. It might help this stage that Ian's going through.


Leigh said...

The problem with those crazy bumps is they spread and get everyone! My friends with three kids...all three ended up with them! Walker had a very mild case...not red, not itchy, just like little pimples. We got cream. It wasn't expensive. It took 6 months for them to go away!!!

What week are you offering summer camp at your house? DG needs to learn learn some manners, play with some girls, make some crafts and such. You're inspiring!!!

Lisa said...

Which cream did the doctor tell you to get? Ours was not nearly so expensive and was covered by insurance.

Lisa said...

Oh, and I love the look on Julianne's face when she got her very own punching ball!

Julie said...

I'm with Leigh, when does camp start?