Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 120 - A Day of Chillaxing...

(for the grandparents and daddy..."Chillaxing" is combination of Chilling & Relaxing...haha!)

We actually had big plans for today..."Dillon Day Down on the Farm" with our first adoption agency, Dillon International. We were really looking forward to a day of paddle boats, zip lines, animals and more with other adoptive families...BUT we had severe weather last night and the forecast for today also called for storms so we decided to pass on the farm. Several other moms braved the stormy skies and went and they were rewarded by sunny skies. I have seen a few pictures and it looks like a GREAT time was had by all. I kinda wish we would have gone, but it was nice just chillaxing around the house :o)

We enjoyed a slow morning of movies/cartoons and finally got things together around lunchtime so we could go pick up Papa John' was soooooo yummy!

After lunch, we checked on our budding veggie garden...
Pretty impressive, huh? Haha!

We planted some grass seeds...
One of my children must incorporate dance into everything she does...I am not naming any names...
This one was very careful placing her seeds in just the right spots...
This one...well she is just a mess...a sweet, sweet mess :o)
She just liked watching the seeds fall to the ground...haha!
Gosh, I love that baby!

We also picked more wildflowers...
I am so lucky to have three pretty girls to fill my flower vase with fresh wildflowers :o)
Sweet girls!

You know our day would not be complete if the girls didn't catch a few bugs...
These are the fingers of a girl that LOVES to play outside :o)
Honestly, should my girl be that happy to have a cricket crawling up her arm? Haha!
I am telling you...some days seems so hard with four kids under six, but I know these are the days I will look back on fondly and miss like crazy!

Two peas in a pod...
Hillary Ashton kissing Julianne's hand...she loves her little sisters fiercely.

I went to Target a few days ago and picked up a few new picture frames for the pictures we received of Sophie Le's birthfamily. She LOVES having a the pictures of her family sitting on the piano. I am so thankful that she is interested in her birthfamily and her adoption story.

After supper tonight my girls enjoyed some homemade banana bread :o)
A friend recently posted her Omy's banana nut bread receipe and I made it tonight for my little banana nuts :o) Haha! They LOVED it...thanks for the receipe, Jess! If you like banana bread you should try it, it was super easy :o)

A BIG thanks to Julie and Chris who let me know that I accidently posted two posts for Day 117! I am so thankful that I only had to correct two post titles rather than hundreds one day :o)


Julie and Chris said...

I am so glad I could help!!! I love to follow your blog and think that you are an amazing mommy!!!! I graduated with your sis-in-law need to rub off.your blogging some on keep loving on those girls and that sweet boy!!

Heather M. said... are REALLY making me want to adopt again! Caleigh NEEDS a sister! Your girls are just so sweet together!!! I don't think J will go for it! 3 is our number (I think! LOL!) Maybe if we hit the lotto! Your pictures are darling as always & I love their little seedlings! I agree...outdoor family days are fun & I like the word "chillaxing"!!!