Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 122 - A full day...

This morning I dropped off the two little kids at MDO. Sophie Le and I come home and did a little tidying up (although by 5:00 today, you couldn't tell we did anything!) before picking up Hillary Ashton from school for swim lessons. They took the dome off of the pool this week so we were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine during her lesson. Sophie Le and I actually got hot today! I am happy to report that Hill's swim coach was much more mellow this week :o) Haha! I needed to drop by the grocery store before picking up the little kids so I let Hill and Le eat their lunch in the car. My sweet Sophie Le fell asleep in the middle of her meal. I guess I worked her too hard this morning...Haha! If you look close you can see she is still holding onto her food (and when I woke her up, I saw that she was holding onto another container in the other hand too) :o) Man, I LOVE a sleeping baby...they always look so sweet!

When we got finally got home, we decided to make some peanut butter balls :o) We are BIG fans of PB and chocolate at our house :o) The girls really enjoyed smashing up the graham crackers...
Their little hands were moving so fast (and I wasn't on the sports mode on my camera)that you almost cannot see them in the pictures!

We then checked on our garden...the girls were so excited to see growth since yesterday!
Hillary Ashton LOVED the rainbow that was created from the spraying water...

We then made a trip to the mailbox...I LOVE that a trip to the mailbox is something to look forward to for the girls :o) So sweet!
I can't get enough of my girls holding hands...LOVE it!
Of course, Hillary Ashton danced all the way down the driveway :o)

We then attempted to put together a swimming pool we brought from the old house...Sophie Le said, "Don't worry Mama, I will read you the directions." Haha!
Unfortuntly we are missing two important!

While I was looking for the pieces in the garage (which I never found), I came across my bicycle and got it out. All of the girls ran to the garage and got their wheels out too and we rode up and down the driveway. Hillary Ashton said
"all the cool girls ride on wheels" Haha! :o)
Hillary Ashton and Barbie...
Last fall, she was a little short for her bicycle...not anymore! We had to raise her seat today!!!! My babies are growing so fast!
I just LOVE that Julianne grabbed her sunglasses on the way out and put them directly on her head...she had no intentions of actually wearing the glasses :o) It was more of a fashion statement, I guess :o)
My baby in her froggie boots and sequin purse :o)

I haven't posted much about Jonah lately. He is still doing great. He is still a tiny little thing. I guess he is the only one of children that actually listens when I tell them not too grow to fast...haha! He is getting sweeter by the day! The other day at cheer practice, he was sitting in his carrier on the floor. I was holding Julianne and I felt something rubbing my leg. I looked down and it was MY BABY! He just smiled soooo BIG when I saw him rubbing my leg. He continued to do it for a good five sweet is that? He is such a sweetie pie! He is working hard to sit up by himself, but he is still a little wobbly. He can roll from his tummy to his back. I think he could probably roll from his back to his tummy if he would agree to lay on the floor for more than a couple minutes at a time :o) He has court in a few weeks and it could be a big one. Please continue to keep our precious "little prince (as the girls call him)" in your prayers. Oh, and look...he is holding his own bottle :o)


Lisa said...

Love the sunglasses on Julianne's head! She must have learned the finer points of accessorizing from watching Sophie Le with those frog boots and sequined purse! I was cracking up!

The Garners said...

Praying for sweet Jonah!

Tricia said...

It is so fun to know what you guys did all day. I can't wait each day to read all about it. I am behind from yesterday... so glad to catch up b/c those were some sweet cute photos.

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...