Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 123 - Silly Bands...

I resisted this new elementary phenomenon as long as I could. Hillary Ashton has come home with silly bands almost everyday over the last couple of weeks. Most of them came from her friends and she found a few on the playground. The breaking point was when my child told me that she found her latest silly band in the trashcan at school, I decided I better do a little research to find out where to get her a (clean) pack of her very own :o) I mean, I can't have my child digging through the trashcan. Haha! A couple local, speciality kids shops were completely sold out, but luckily my favorite local toy store just got a new shipment! I picked her up a couple packs today after MDO...bugs & spring. I gave her the bug pack after school today and she was so excited. I mean EXCITED. REALLY, REALLY excited. Totally worth the $6 bucks/pack I paid for the bands :o) Haha! AND I apparently got super bonus points for getting the glow in the dark bands :o) I saved the spring pack for another day because I don't know if she could have handled anymore excitement...haha!

If you have a child in school, I am sure you know about these "silly bands." They are so popular that some school districts have banned them! For the rest of you, here they are...
They aren't nearly as cool as the charm necklaces we had in the 80's...I think my girls would go CRAZY over these.
Man, someone needs to bring those back...they would make a fortune :o)
But I do have to admit, they are pretty cute...
This is the bug pack so there are caterpillars, spiders, ladybugs, snails & bumblebees. I thought this pack would be perfect for my girl :o)
Here are the spiders...
The bands come in lots (AND LOTS) of different themes...letters, numbers, doggie, beach, sea creatures, shapes dinosaurs, holiday, princess, western...I could go on and on.
One of the funnest things to do with your silly bands is to share them with your friends...or so I have been told :o) After this afternoon, we have two more silly band nuts in our house...
Big sister was happy to share (without even being asked!) her new bands with her little sisters...PTL :o)
Sophie Le showing off her new silly band bracelets...
Hillary Ashton helping Julianne put on her new bands...
Do you think she likes them?
I think this might be a little excessive :o)
Here is the mud pie my girl made to thank me for her new bands :o) Yummy!

In other news :o) I am a BIG, BIG fan of little girls in bloomer shorts. I think they are soooooooo cute. I put them on my girls for as long as I can get away with it :o) Le wore her new pair of bloomer shorts today. I asked her to turn around this afternoon so I could take a picture of flower on her behind. After I took the picture, she said, "Did you get a good picture of my hiney, Mama?" Haha!
Btw, Sophie Le did not wear those fuzzy boots today. She likes to wear boots when she plays outside so the ants won't bite her feet. Poor girl has learned that lesson the hard way :o(
We also checked on the veggie garden...
...and skipped through the yard while holding hands...haha!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day!


Tricia said...

What a fun day. I do know about those bands. Yes, the things of the 80's were way cooler. Oh well. Better not show them those charms - you'll never get it back.

The Garners said...

My neighbor was showing Alexee her bands a few days ago...but I had no idea they were "THE" thing these days!? The girls look very proud of them! :)

Leigh said...

Funny...I was just surfing Zulily.com and ran across a pair of Bella Bling bloomer shorts that made me think of you and your girls. Can't post a pic here. Light pink with ruffles, a big satin cross on the hiney with bright pink crystals that spell out "Blessed." Don't you have a "BeDazzler"? Girl, you gotta make you some of them baby shorts!!!

Emy said...

ha ha ha ha ha! I completely forgot about those neclaces! I would LOVE to find mine! Too funny!

Dang, I had my chance to buy some of those bands a couple of weeks ago, but didn't realize how "BIG" they had gotten. Now I see them on everyone, so I bet they're no where to be found.

Heather M. said...

Well I just have never heard of those!!! They do look like fun though! Your girls surely are enjoying them!!! Remember Twist A Bead & Add A Bead necklaces???? They were the rave when I was in school...you may be younger than me! I don't remember those charm necklaces...hmmmm.....