Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 125 - Mom's Tea...

Today was Mom's Tea at Hillary Ashton's school. She was so excited (and so was I)! Over the last few weeks, her class has been learning a few songs to perform at the tea. She has been so careful to keep the songs a surprise. She LOVES to whisper the songs to Daddy and make him promise not to tell me :o) Haha!

Luckily I was able to find two GREAT friends that agreed to watch my other kiddos so I could go to the tea :o) You know you have a lot of kids when you have to line up more than one person to watch them :o)

When we got to the classroom, we were greeted by a cute little bear with a sign telling us to take a corsage. The flowers were made out of tissue paper. I chose a pink one and one of the first things Hillary Ashton told me was, "Mommy, I am so glad you chose a pink flower." Haha!
Each mom was escorted into the classroom by their child. The lights were turned down low and classical music was playing on the cd was so pleasant :o) The kid's then served us tea and cake. Hillary Ashton was soooooo sweet to make sure my chair was pushed in just right and I had everything I needed :o)
I think I was probably the only Mommy in the class that was also presented with a special rock she found on the playground during recess :o)
It was so neat to sit in her chair and look around to see what she sees everyday.
After the children sang a couple (SWEET, ADORABLE) songs, they each came up to the microphone to read a poem they wrote about their mom. Sooooo sweet! My poem said something like, "You are as soft as a kitten and I love you like a kid loves to swim."
Inside our booklet was also a questionnaire they filled out about us. Included in Hillary Ashton's answers was that My mom does not like "to put me in time out." Haha! I am thankful that she knows that I don't like to punish her :o) She also said that her favorite thing to do with mommy is "go on vacations." What a coincidence...I LOVE that too :o)
I am so lucky to have such a sweet, tender-hearted little girl.
It was so fun to look around the room at all of the cute crafts they had hanging on the walls. Here are the mom's portraits...
There I am...
Remember last week when I posted the bible verse from Corinthians that Hillary Ashton's wrote me in a note? It was posted at the front of the classroom :o)
One of my favorite things about Hillary Ashton's school is that they make a point to have each child think of themselves as an author. They have sent home several traveling books throughout the year that had a story written by all of the children in the class. This poster was hanging at the front of the classroom. I thought it was neat...
One another wall, they had stories written by each child and the author's biography :o)
Here is my girl's story...
Apparently the character in the story has a mommy that won't let her kid see her friends. This story is obviously fiction :o)
I LOVED her "about the author..."
They also did a drawing of their family...
Pretty cute! She was quick to tell me that her teacher drew the circles of the faces and didn't draw one for Jonah and that was why he wasn't in the picture. Haha!
Oh I thought this was funny too...
When you open the mini office, it has three sides. She said they sit up their mini-office around their workspace so other kids won't be tempted to cheat off of their paper...haha!
My girl then showed me her favorite thing in the whole class...a bucket of books about drawing. She picked out two of her favorite books and drew me a picture. I just LOVE that my girl is so artistic :o)

Hill with her sweet teachers...

I am so thankful for my precious little girl!


Anonymous said...

She is precious!!!

Tricia said...

Amy - This is wonderful! I love that you got to spent the afternoon with HA in her classroom. How special. Also, know that I would be happy to added to your list of friends to watch your kiddos.

Lisa said...

HA's poem was priceless! What a great time!!