Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 126 - Roadtrip...

We took a little road trip to visit family today. The girls are always so excited to visit their grandparent's house. I should have taken some pictures of them playing with their sweet cousins, running around outside, eating Popsicles (yes...multiple Popsicles...haha), popping bubble wrap in the garage (and laughing hysterically when my mom drove over the bubble wrap with her scooter and the bubbles popped liked firecrackers!) and investigating the baby bird eggs in a nest...but I didn't.

Whoops! However I did document a couple important events today...

Lunch on the way to grandparent's house...
The girls were thrilled when a Chic-Fil-A lady came to our window, while we were waiting in the drive-thru line, to give us peach milkshake samples and hats :o) Have I ever mentioned how much I HEART Chic-Fil-A? I think it is the BEST fast food restaurant EVER :o)
Both girls LOVED the mini peach milkshakes :o)
McDonald's was the meal of choice on the way back...
We rarely go to McDonald's, but it looks like Julianne might want that to change in the future :o)
Here is Hillary Ashton enjoying her cheeseburger happy meal...with no meat. She orders her cheeseburger just like her mama :o)

After we got back to town, Hillary Ashton & I went to Wal-Mart to pick up breakfast for in the morning. We had an interesting conversation about school...

Mommy: Hillary Ashton, do you know that you are a very sweet little girl?
HA: Do you really think so?
Mommy: Of course!
HA: I was thinking there might be some kids at my school that are sweeter than me.
Mommy: No way! In fact, I heard Mrs. ****** (the principal at her school) telling someone the other say how sweet and cute she thinks you are.
HA: (audible gasp) Oh gosh! Are you serious? She really said that?
Mommy: Of course.
HA: Well, you know the other day I was getting my tardy slip and she asked me to come in her office to see her and I got nervous, but she said I wasn't in trouble, she just wanted to see me. I guess it was because she thinks I am cute.
Mommy: Hahahaha! Probably so. I am sorry you had to get a tardy slip. Do you have to get them a lot?
HA: Oh no. Not at all. They never give me more than one tardy slip a day.
Mommy: Hahahaha! Well, I guess that's good. I am still sorry you have to get them sometimes. It is not your fault you are late to school, it is Mommy's fault.
HA: I really don't mind at all, Mama. Remember I told you before all they do is write something on a piece of paper and I give it to my teacher. It is a real little deal. Except for one time.
Mommy: What happened?
HA: Well my teacher threw my tardy slip in the trash.
Mommy: Oh...Okay (I obviously didn't understand the gravity of the situation).
HA: MOM! She put it in the trash.
Mommy: Hum.
HA: Paper goes in the recycling bin, Mama. Not the trashcan.

Sometimes Mommy is a little slow....haha!

One other little funny from today...
I went with my dad & Jonah to pick up my niece from school. I was holding him at the door of my niece's class when a little girl came over and looked at Jonah and then up to me. I kinda knew what was coming :o)

Little Girl: Um, is that your baby?
Me: Yes.
Little Girl: Why is he brown?
Me: Because that is how God made him.

That seemed to satisfy her just fine :o)Haha! I just love how honest (and blunt) little kids are!

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Tricia said...

I love how honest and blunt answers satisfy little kids... I wish they worked on adults.

Sounds like you had a good day.