Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 129 - Half Birthday, Swimming, Books and Bracelets...

My baby is six months old today! It seems like yesterday, my hubby was bringing home this perfect, sweet, tiny baby boy...
I can't imagine our life without our precious baby boy, however I am afraid that may be our reality in the near future. Please continue to keep Jonah's future in your prayers. Our prayer is that he will be raised in a safe, loving, Christian home with parents that love him to pieces. I know God has big plans for our little prince charming!

Today it was in the low 60s...and it felt soooooooo cold! I guess we had gotten use to the 90+ degree temperatures last week :o) I took Hillary Ashton to swim lessons today and she was the only one in the pool...well her coach was there too :o) I am afraid I looked like a crazy mama sitting on the sidelines in a jacket while my little girl was swimming in the pool :o) She didn't seem to notice that it was freezing until she got done with her lesson...haha! She actually got in the "hot pool (aka hot tub)" today for the first time :o) Well, that isn't necessarily true...she always sticks her feet in the hot pool, but that is it. Today my cold little babe happily sit her buns in the hot pool and thoroughly enjoyed herself :o)

Btw, the pool is heated...just thought I should add that :o)

After swim lessons, we stopped by the library to check out a few books. My girl LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to read. In fact, she has already read all of the books we checked out this afternoon and has made plans for us to go to the library again tomorrow :o)

One of the books we checked out today is called, Wiggle and Waggle. It is a cute story about two worms living in a garden. They work together to help the the veggies grow while singing a cute little song. The story inspired us to make some cute worms of our own :o)

Here is Wiggle, Waggle and a friend of theirs :o)
I just LOVE watching my girls make crafts. I LOVE watching them figure out how to do things by themselves. I LOVE watching their little fingers work :O)
Sophie Le's fine motor skills rock :o)
So do her concentration skils :o)
My baby's got skills :o) Haha!
The beaded worm craft was a hit :o)

Happy Monday from Sophie Le and Julianne :o)

P.S. Papa Texarkana, right after I took the above picture, Sophie Le said "Julianne looks just like Papa Texarkana" :o)


Tricia said...

Love all the outfits. I wish my boys would do crafts for more than 5 minutes. It looks like fun... :)

The Jennings said...

I love "Papa Texarkana" and "Papa Paragould??"! That is too cute!


Heather M. said...

Oh my goodness! Look how TINY he was! I cannot believe how much he has grown in 6 months! WOW! I will be praying for his situation re. adoption, etc. Crafts are fun! Darling little worms! Love it! heading to the library this afternoon???!!! It is great that she already has such a love for reading. With our boys, they have a love for learning, but reading...not so much. Hope it changes some day!