Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 133 - Mini Olympics...

Today was the Mini-Olympics at Hill's school. As I walked into the school, I saw classes full of kids getting pumped up for the day of fun that awaited them. It was so sweet to watch the classes doing chants and putting the finishing touches one their outfits. As the classes marched outside to the football field, they recited chants and cheers for their class. I wasn't sure about how Hillary Ashton's class would fare today because they were the LAST class to leave the building and they did NO chants, NO cheers. However, you could tell the sweet class of sixteen was excited to experience the Mini-Olympics for the first time by the sweet smiles on their faces and by their sweet squeals of delight :o) As Hillary Ashton's class caught up to the other classes, it didn't take them long to catch on to the idea of chanting :o) It was beyond precious to watch the sweet little kindergarten class chant, "Sunny Delights" over and over.

The day started with a roll call of each of the teams and a prayer...
Hillary Ashton and her sweet friend, C
Getting ready for their first game...
My girl cheering on her friend while waiting for her turn...
She did GREAT!
This game was called "Sponge Bob Relay." Hillary Ashton has mentioned this game several times this week. We are not fans of Sponge Bob at our house and she was quite concerned about this game named after the crude cartoon :o) Haha!
Once she realized it combined sponges and water, she decided this game was "awesome"
After the first competition was over, I realized our class wasn't clueless in the beginning...they were just in serious concentration mode...They won FIRST place!
In fact, they won several games and many spirit awards :o)
Hillary Ashton cracked me up on this game! The idea of the game is to run to the laundry basket, grab a sock/glove/etc and clothes pin it to the laundry line on the fence. Of course, my baby had to dig through the basket to find the "prettiest sock." Haha!
Luckily, the class had a big lead and her pickiness didn't matter :o)
As excited as the kids were about the games, nothing could drag them away from this cute little baby :o)
Hill and her sweet friend H...
Their little shirts were so cute! Each classmate signed the back and each child painted a sun on the front...they all looked so good!
By the time we got to the last game, the kids were worn out! They still finished strong :o)

I cannot believe my baby is old enough for Field Day...I mean, Mini Olympics :o) I also cannot believe her last of kindergarten is two weeks from today. I am still trying to get use to the fact that she is in kindergarten!!

I am so thankful my parents were in town for an early doctor's appointment today so they could watch the other three kids so I could enjoy this day with my baby!

Speaking of those sweet babies...
I sure was happy to see them when I got home!


Tricia said...

Oh, that looks like tons of fun. I am sure you had a great time being the Mom! You girl is so cute!

Lisa said...

I love the part about the prettiest sock! Just goes to show that some things are more important than simply winning! Their team shirts are adorable, too!!