Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 137 - Court Update, Picnic & Jean Diapers...

Much, much better day today :o) Thank you for the kind words yesterday :o)

I talked to Jonah's caseworker this morning and it sounds like I didn't miss much at court yesterday afternoon. I was most concerned about one particular issue, but the decision was postponed until a later courtdate. The overall plan for his case did not change and our next court date will be in August. However, I will be very surprised if Jonah is still with us at that point :o(

Along those lines...I met his "grandparents" yesterday. I say "grandparents" in quotes because their actual relationship to Jonah MUST be proven by a DNA test before they have the rights of a grandparent. We have been waiting on the DNA test to be done since January...yes, January! Crazy! Once the test is done, the results will be available quickly. So...Grandma and Grandpa BOTH came to court yesterday. I take that as a pretty good sign they care...which is great to see. Grandma even had a picture of Jonah on her cell phone. Somehow she was able to get a copy of the picture I sent his mom from Easter. It was pretty sweet. I feel bad because she has never seen him (except for once after he was first born). She is his "grandma." It isn't HER fault that he is in foster case. Anways, grandma and grandpa both seem nice. Grandma was very appreciative of the fact that we have been taking care of Jonah since he was born...which is a relief because unfortunately foster parents are often times seen as the bad guys by the birth family.

Once we get the DNA results back, Jonah could leave our home within about a week. (AGGGGGGG!!!!!) That concept is pretty overwhelming to think about.

As you may remember, Jonah is not actually my baby's name. When we were first called about Jonah, he was a few days old and DHS's plan at the time was a fast track termination of parental rights. The sweet baby boy, that was enduring painful side effects of his birth mother's BAD choices, did not have a name at the time. After a day or two of prayer and Internet research, we decided that we could handle his needs and committed to fostering him. We visited him in the hospital and because he had not be named yet and the fact that it was highly unlikely that he would return to his birth family, we decided to call him Jonah.

About three weeks ago, everything changed. Jonah's paternal grandparents stepped up and decided they would like to parent him. Jonah is named after their son. So now I have to decide whether or not to start calling him his real name. He KNOWS him name now...as Jonah. He responds to his name. He smiles when I say his name. The girls only know him as Jonah. They helped name him Jonah. He looks like a Jonah. However, I am positive his grandparents will call him by his real name. Honestly, I cannot imagine him being anything but "Jonah."

I don't want my baby to leave. I really don't :o(

New subject :o) Tonight for supper we had a picnic outside. The weather has been perfect today!

My sweet girls...
My girl picked me some beautiful weeds...I mean flowers :o)
The few pictures I took tonight are blurry because I was sitting on a swing on the back porch :o)
I could have gotten up and taken a few good shots, but I was lazy...haha! I just love sitting on that swing and enjoying the view...
My girl...who I REALLY need to start potty training. Like now. She took off her diaper after supper tonight and tinkled on the floor. Yes, you read that right. I mean, WHAT'S up with that? That is a first for our family. Julianne really dislikes diapers.
Maybe if I got her some of these fancy diapers, she would agree to keep them on?
Seriously, how cute are those? Jean diapers...hahahaaha! LOVE it :o)


Jason and Erin said...

Oh, Amy, my heart just aches for you right now! My parents fostered several groups of children, and I was old enough to remember the pain of the separation! I'm so sorry, and so glad you have your sweet angels to help you through.

The Garners said...

It makes me so sad to think of Jonah leaving your loving family. I pray that God has wonderful things in store for him.

Laura said...

I do hope that the grandparents are truly welcoming to him. I know it will be so hard for you to let him go, but I pray that you will have peace about where he goes. You are amazing people for taking him into your family, and I know you love him with all of your hearts.

Heather M. said...

Cool about the jean diapers!
Not cool about baby Jonah leaving soon. :(
Cool about Julianne being close to potty training! Ahhh...we're working on it, but C is not interested right now. boo.

Have a great Wednesday!