Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 141 - Leaves, Diapers and M&Ms...

We spent the better part of the day working/playing outside. I think we are almost done with raking & burning leaves. I am sooooo ready to be DONE. I really like living in the country, but these leaves are definitely not one of the perks!
Luckily I had this kid to keep me entertained while working on the yard :o)
She rocks my world!
They have the black smoke monster on LOST...we have the white smoke monster :o) Speaking of LOST...I can't wait for the series finale tomorrow night!

Hillary Ashton decided to mark a turtle she found this afternoon so she won't confuse him with any other turtles...I am sure the turtle was quite honored to be marked!
So if anyone finds a turtle with HAA on his shell...that is our turtle...please return him to his home...haha!

Okay...I think we are going to put potty training on the back burner for awhile because the new "jeans diapers (by Huggies)" are so stinkin' cute! Haha!
Is that not the cutest thing??? I LOVE them!

As I am typing this, my girls are having a slumber party downstairs complete with yummy snacks and their movie of choice...Princess and the Frog :o) I hope my girls are always besties!

Oh more thing! Have you tried these?!
They are soooo GOOD! I am not usually a big M&M fan, but these are YUMMY! The perfect combination of sweet and salty. AND they have 30% less fat than regular M&Ms so really it's like a diet food! Haha!


Jessica Johnston-Myers said...

The jean diapers... oh my gosh!! SO cute!

And I'm putting pretzel M&Ms on my grocery list. I can always use some good diet food. : )

The Garners said...

The slumber party pictures are SOOO sweet! What fun!

I haven't tried those M&Ms, but now I will know to look for them--yum!

Tricia said...

I'll be keeping an eye out for that turtle.

Love the pj pics. So cute...

Love the jean diapers. I need to potty train Liam but I am lazy. Oh, well.