Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 147 - A Day of Goodbyes...

Well today was the day...the LAST day of kindergarten. I officially have a first grader...WOW, how in the world did that happen? Haha! Of course, I had to take a few pic of my (then) kindergartner before we left for school...she was more interested in searching for critters :o) Such a girly, girl!
Hillary Ashton was excited to wear her Grrr shirt to school :o) I am soooooo thankful we are D.O.N.E with plaid/khaki/navy uniform clothes!!! Seriously, REALLY, REALLY happy. I am not a fan of uniforms :o)
She told me several times not to cry today because that would "probably make" her cry :o) And not "to worry because" she "would always be my baby." She even pinkie promised, so I guess I'll believe her :o)
Last kindergarten drop off...
There she goes...
I realize the excessive number of pictures (and yes, I take WAY more pictures that I post on the blog!) I took in the carpool lane may put me in the crazy category, but I don't care :o)
She usually hugs someone on her way in each morning...haha! This is her principal...she LOVES her!

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her last day of preschool...these pictures were taken exactly one year ago today...May 28, 2009

And her last day of PK3...these pictures were taken May 27, 2008...
Showing off her new bikini
We got her the backpack she is wearing right before she started PK3 and she used it that whole year, her preschool year and all of kindergarten! I cannot believe how good it still looks...I guess it will be going to first grade in a few months too!Wow!
Last Day of PK3

Since I only had Jonah this morning, I was able to visit Hillary Ashton in her class for a little while during the party. CAN YOU BELIEVE MY LITTLE BABIES ARE STILL OUT OF TOWN?!?!? I miss those little girls!
Here is Hillary Ashton with Big Buddy. I heard A LOT about this little girl throughout the year :o) Hillary Ashton thinks she is pretty awesome!
With some of her buddies (btw, her shirt is different because they did water games earlier in the day)
Sweet girls!
More friends...Hillary Ashton looks really small!
Hillary Ashton also talked about this older girl quite a bit. Apparently, she liked to come to Hill's class and walk on her knees and pretend she was a kindergartner...haha!
Hillary Ashton isn't big on the boys (insert sigh of relief here!), but she does really like this one...
...and this one...
One last pic with Ms. Neff...
...and Ms. Coney...they were GREAT with Hillary Ashton this year! We were very blessed to have them!

Bye kindergarten! See you in about three years!

This is a very common sight in our house...
Where is baby Jonah? Oh, there he is! He loves getting lovin' from his little mama!
Hillary Ashton told me today that she doesn't want Jonah to be her foster brother anymore. I asked her why and she said, "I want him to be my real brother. Will you pleeeeeese 'dopt him, Mama?"
Is it possible for your heart to melt and break at the same time?

Guess what I had today...
Yum, yum, yummy!!! I accidentally bought the wrong marshmallows the other day so it took me a couple days to get to Whole Foods to exchange them for the actual gelatin free marshmallows. The cost of the marshmallows is ridiculous...$6 for a 10 oz. bag...but sooooooooooo worth it!

We caught the first lightening bugs of the summer tonight!!! I HEART lightening bugs and so does my girl!

Yea for SUMMER break AND a three day weekend!!!


Lisa said...

How sweet that she pinkie promised to always be your baby! She's right, you know. And don't ever think you are crazy for taking lots of pictures of your beautiful family: You can't help it if they are cute! :)

The Garners said...

Amy, I love the pictures of H.A. kissing J in his carrier and what she said--it made me cry.

Happy Summer!

Tricia said...

She will always be your baby girl.

Speaking of baby girls - when ARE they coming back???

Laura said...

Great pics! Congrats to Hilary Ashton!!!