Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 151 - Just a swingin' & AWESOME Friends of Fanose Update...

Ahhhh...school is officially out for summer. This morning was pleasant, slow-paced & all together lovely :o) Wouldn't it be nice if we had summer break for nine months and the kids were in school for three? Haha! A mom can dream :o)

Hillary Ashton is STILL spending time with her grandparents, but she is coming home tomorrow!! I.cannot.wait! I have missed my girl so much! Her grandparents are bringing her back in the morning, just in time for Sophie Le's end of the year gymnastics show :o) Sophie Le is super excited and I am so proud of her. When we signed her up for lessons, I honestly did not know if she would even agree to go into the gym without me. I am so happy to report that my girl not only went in that first day, but she has done amazingly well. She participates, laughs and really looks forward to her class each week. However, she does constantly look out the window to make sure her mommy and daddy (who spends his lunch hour every Wednesday at the gym) are watching her :o) Haha! She waves and signs "I Love You" many, many, many, many times during her lessons...AND WE LOVE IT :o) She also glances our way each time she does a trick to make sure we are clapping for her...haha!

This afternoon we spent a few minutes playing outside before the kiddos decided it was too hot :o) Honestly, I do not ever remember coming inside because I was too hot when I was little. I also don't remember having a dvd player and 100s of movies at my disposal to watch inside either...haha!

My girl talking on the phone to her daddy...do you see her right hand? Now do you see her sweet, little finger that is pointing out? That is the finger she has her daddy wrapped around...haha!
She totally knows it too :o)
Sweet Sophie Le...
This little one is literally growing up right before my eyes...
Can you believe she will be two years old this month? The good news is that she started the "terrible twos" early so we should be about done by the time she actually turns two...haha! Just kidding...kinda :o)
These two girls definitely keep me on my toes...
...but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!! Friends of Fanose has already raised...

$150 Dollars toward a well in Africa!!!!!!!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my friends Heather and Leslie for donating to Friends of Fanose! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Our goal is to raise $5000 in the next 91 days so we can help provide clean drinking water to a village in Africa. I have to share a quote from Heather with you guys (I hope she doesn't mind!)...

Everyone should have access to clean water....we really take things for granted here. Me included. ~ Heather M.

Isn't that the truth? Everyone should have access to clean water. When you think about it, it is so simple.

Donating is also very simple...just click HERE and you will be taken to the Friends of Fanose Charity: Water website. Once you page, click on the blue button in the middle of the page (Donate to my campaign), fill out a couple blanks and you are done! You can donate as much or as little as you would like. 100 percent of your donation goes directly to building a well for a village. Don't forget, your donation is also tax-deductible. Really it is a win-win for everyone :o) You donate money and get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside because you KNOW you are helping solve a HUGE problem in the world and someone in Africa gets to have clean drinking water to give their children...something we all take for granted.

I am praying our Friends of Fanose group is able to meet our $5000 goal in the next 91 days, but if not I am still soooooooooo happy that we have already helped SEVEN people get access to clean drinking water! SEVEN people...just like you and me...only they live on the other side of the world. Pretty incredible if you ask me :o)

Julianne Fanose thinks it is pretty incredible too :o)

Please continue to spread the word :o)

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