Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 153 - Facebook Page & Crafts...

Another day, another donation!! Yipeee! Our Friends of Fanose team has now raised enough money to provide...

TEN PEOPLE with CLEAN drinking water!!!

That could be these six beautiful people and four of their friends :o)

So exciting! Hillary Ashton was out of town when we started this campaign a few days ago so I told her about it yesterday. She is SO excited! She asked me several times today if we had enough money to start drilling the well yet :o) There is NO DOUBT in her mind that Friends of Fanose will raise our goal of $5000. I LOVE it. I was able to tell her that we got another donation today (from my good friend Sami - THANK YOU Sami!!!!!!) and she completely flipped out :o) She high fived me and did a little "clean water dance." Haha! I LOVE her enthusiasm :o) I wish I could bottle it up!!

I set up a Facebook page for Friends on Fanose. Just Click HERE and hit the "like" button. It is a super (FREE) easy way to help spread the word :o) The more people that are aware of the need for clean drinking water, the better!

Sweet little girls just like this one NEED us to spread the word!

And grandmas like this one NEED us too...
...even though I think there is a good chance this grandma was telling me to put down my silly camera and help carry a jug...haha!

I am going to cut this post short tonight so I can work on some craft ideas for next week! Hillary Ashton has already made several pieces of bead jewelry this week and has been rather blunt with her desire for Mommy to come up with some new crafts :o)

Thank you all for your comments about my beloved external hard drive. My heart is not ready to take the drive to the computer doctor yet. I am so nervous that I might receive news I am not ready to accept.


Tricia said...

Oh, Amy. I am so sad about the hard drive. I hope you get the courage to take it soon. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Heather M. said...

Looking forward to stealing your new craft ideas!!! LOL! Maybe they can recover your photos...they really are pretty good at it! Fingers crossed!

Sami said...

Another day, another happy dance!!