Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 154 - A new day, A new attitude & Friends of Fanose Update!!!!

Sophie Le's gymnastics class had their end of the semester show on Day 152. As you may remember, Sophie Le froze. She expected to see her teacher at the show and her teacher wasn't there. She tried, but she just couldn't move past the change in matter how hard Mommy and Daddy tried to coax her. It was sad. It was frustrating. It was NOT a good experience. I didn't care if she did the show or not, but I KNEW she WANTED to. However the gym director graciously offered to let Sophie Le come back today and try again. After our experience on Wednesday, I wasn't sure if we should try again (her teacher is gone for the summer so she would still have to do the show with another teacher). I really didn't want Sophie Le to feel uncomfortable again :o(

Sophie Le on the other hand was ready to do her show today! She promised me that she was going to "do a good job" and that "she wouldn't freeze up" :o) So I decided to give her the opportunity. I am so happy to report that she did AMAZING!!!! Seriously, really great!! She was excited. She was pumped. She was proud :o) She was on a mission! Daddy recorded the show and I will try to share it soon, but my camcorder isn't compatible with Windows 7 so I will have to upload it on the dinosaur computer later :o) I was so happy watching her that I didn't do a very good job taking pictures :o) Haha! Here are a few...

The lady helping Sophie Le with her routine is the same lady that taught Hillary Ashton two years ago :o) Sophie Le didn't want anything to do with her on Wednesday, but was fine with her once she had a couple days to process the change :o) My baby likes to be know exactly how things are going to play out!
She earned her medal!!
Her sisters were clapping like crazy for her!

After a quick nap, we headed to a local water park. I had never been there before, but my friend Tricia assured me it would be fun and I would be okay with four kiddos :o) I have to admit, I had my doubts about the "being okay with four kids" part, but my friend is really wise so I decided to trust her :o) And you know what? It was GREAT! The girls had a blast and we can't wait to go back!!

Hillary Ashton makes friends where ever she goes!
Sophie Le LOVED gathering and pouring water...over and over and over again :o)
This girl was stuck to my leg for the first hour so this picture is about as good as I could get :o) I actually like when my kids are stuck to my leg when we are around water so no complaints there! Haha!
Little cuties!
When Tricia got to the park, she had THREE extra helping hands with her! Yea! Since we now almost had the kids outnumbered, we were able to try out the lazy river and slide. ALL of the girls LOVED (I mean LOVED) the water slide...however there is no way I could get pictures of that today...maybe next was soooooo sweet hearing them squeal and giggle in delight!

After a quick supper, the girls were ready to play some more...SUMMER is the BEST!!!!Sweet sisters...
Sophie Le wearing her medal while riding her tricycle :o)
While we were outside, I checked the Friends of Fanose page and was excited to see that our well fund is up to....


The best part of that awesome news...we have raised enough to provide FIFTEEN people with CLEAN drinking water!!! That is FIFTEEN people that wouldn't have access to CLEAN drinking water without your help!! Pretty amazing, huh?

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Kelly, Nicola & Annie for helping us hit the $300 mark today!!

I want to thank you guys SO MUCH for spreading the word about Friends of Fanose. Two of the donations that came in today were from caring people that I don't personally know! That is AWESOME!!! Even if you don't feel called to give monetarily to this cause, you can still help (A LOT) by spreading the word (through Facebook, blogs, email, word of mouth, etc....).

Spreading the word is the only way we will be able to meet our goal of $5000 in the next 88 days! Every single dollar matters!

So anyways, we were outside playing when I saw the new donations and I told the girls and Hillary Ashton went crazy! She was so excited. Here is a glimpse of her "clean water dance." Haha!

This child REALLY wants to build a well in Africa!
She asked me how much more we need to build the well and I told her $4700 and she said, "That's easy. Those people in Africa are going to be so happy to get yummy water!" I love her sweet, innocent spirit!


Kelly said...

So happy to inspire the clean water dance. You're doing a wonderful thing and I was happy to help.

NHP said...

I had gotten sooo far behind on my blog reading. I had a break tonight, and needed one, and played catch up! I went back to your 113th post and it was well worth it.
I love your sweet family, all the creative ideas, the ffd, your heart, the joys, sorrows and just the realness of life. Great hour for me : )
Have a wonderful night!

Heather M. said...

Awwww....A Happy Dance! Gotta Love It!!! Yeah for Sophie Le for giving her performance another try!!!! That's a brave girl!