Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 155 - Today was a good, make that a GREAT day...

I HEART Saturdays. We had a super fun filled day today. We started with a yummy pancake breakfast, then swimming at a local water park and finished up with playtime outside...and as if that wasn't was an amazing day for Friends of Fanose!!!

I am just so excited about the GREAT progress that is being made toward our $5000 goal!!! So.VERY.Excited!!! So on Day 154, I shared with you that our total was up to $300. I calculated what we would need over the next 88 days and it came up to around $53 per day. Well God has provided that and more for Day 155! Thank you sooooooo much to Mong Tuyen, Lisa, Karen (a sweet friend from college), and Cheryl!!! Because of these kind hearted ladies, the Friends of Fanose team is up to...


Wow, wow, wow!!! That means TWENTY FOUR people will have access to CLEAN, SAFE drinking water...because of you guys!!!! I am blown away by the generosity I have seen in the last five days...thank you!

We have made incredible progress, but we still have a ways to go...please continue to spread the word :o) If you want to read more about Friends of Fanose, just click here :o)

Hillary Ashton busted out some moves I have never seen before when I told her of all of the recent donations :o) She said that "the people in Africa will probably have a big dance party when they find out about the new money." Haha! You know what, I bet she is right :o) Can you imagine how happy they will be when they are told that there are people who want to help them build a well? This world can be harsh and mean sometimes, but it can also be beautiful. Your generosity makes this world beautiful!!!

Speaking of beautiful :o) Here are some pics of the kiddos...haha! I have never been great at transitions...haha!

Julianne Fanose...I cannot wait to tell about the wonderful things that are being done in her honor! I know her sweet spirit...she will LOVE it!
Sweet boy chillin' in the pool...Hillary Ashton asked me today if we "could hide Jonah so he could stay with us forever." I wish it was that easy!
This little girl LOVES the water and I LOVE how sweet she looks in those blue goggles :o)
Anytime I am looking for Hillary Ashton, I just look for a group of kids and she is usually right in the middle :o)
The girls were so excited to introduce Daddy to the water slide today :o)
Who knew Sophie Le had such a love for speed? Haha!
This one loves that she is big enough to ride by herself :o)
Here comes Ju Ju!

I went into the house to get the little kids up from their afternoon nap and when I came out I found Daddy chasing the girls in their jeep...
They thought it was soooooo funny that he couldn't catch them...haha!
Of course, Julianne had to get in on the fun :o)
She didn't think her jeep went fast enough...haha!

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Emy said...

These are some of my favorite pictures yet! I just love seeing your sweet girls having so much fun!!!