Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 156 - Birthday Party, Community Fest & FOF...

Today Hillary Ashton, Jonah and I went to a party to celebrate sweet N's birthday. N and Hillary Ashton have been buddies since they were tiny, tiny babies. I cannot believe they are both turning six this month!!! N is a really cool kid...I really like her...we also happen to share a birthday! N's mom is the main reason I got involved with the C.A.L.L....without her influence in my life, I wouldn't know my sweet, precious Jonah!

We were so surprised to see sweet I at the party...I and Hillary Ashton were besties in their 3 year old program. Since we changed schools after that year, we haven't seen her since! The girls picked up right where they left off :o) It didn't hurt that they both have glasses now :o) Haha!
Hillary Ashton has also been friends with these two sweet girls since they were all babies too! I feel like it was yesterday when I was rocking these girls in the nursery and now they are all getting ready for first grade!!
Happy Birthday N!!!

After the party, we made a quick trip to the house to drop off Jonah and pick up Sophie Le for our church's annual community festival...Community Fest. Hillary Ashton was so excited to have EM ride with us!

The girls played EVERY game...
They also got their faces painted...
...and made salvation bracelets...
Balloon animals...
Ate rainbow snow cones...
They toured a firetruck, a SWAT truck and petted a police horse...
They danced their hearts out with Radio Disney...
I LOVE watching my baby dance :o)
Before we left, we had to do the cookie walk...just to test a tradition. Here is Sophie Le waiting in line for the cookie walk...
The tradition continues...Hillary Ashton won...she has won every single year since she was a year old :o) That is one lucky child!

We had such a fun time, but we were sure ready to get home...we were all worn out!

Don't forget about Friends of Fanose!! We need you!!

With YOUR help, we can make this...

...a reality!!!

*the above picture was taken from the Charity:Water website. this is what drilling a well looks like in ethiopia :o)


Heather M. said...

'tis the season for face painting & parties!! Love summer! Cute pics!

JoAnna said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that posted so many of the same comment. SORRY! Ack!