Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 161 - Computer and Craft: Water Color Letters...

My sweet hubby took my external hard drive to the computer doctor a few days ago without my knowledge :o) He sent me a text today to let me know that all of my pictures are still on the drive!!!!!!! PTL!!! The computer techs are ordering a new piece and I should have my drive back next and all!!!! I am so thankful. I need to back-up the drive...any ideas?

Princess Lola had her babies, but I don't think any of them made it :o( We have yet to find them and she has not nursed them all day :o( I did not want kittens, but the thought of her losing her kittens makes me so sad. Princess Lola on the other hand seems fine. She has been eating a TON and wants to be held.


Today the girls created original works of art :o) Magnifique!

For today's craft you need: watercolors, construction paper, scissors & contact paper
I printed out the girls' initials in Word using the outline feature. I used that as my template and cut out the letter on contact paper. The girls thought the HUGE stickers were so cool :o)
I just LOVE watching Sophie Le concentrate!
Little hands...
Can't get enough of them!!
After you get the letter (shapes would be cool too!) on the paper, be sure and press it down so the watercolors won't leak underneath. Then paint away!
Julianne painted her entire picture while sitting in this position...haha! She looked like an artist...I guess that is appropriate because she is :o) I think her picture turned out GREAT!
Two babies born in two different countries on the other side of the world are now sisters sharing water colors :o) That miracle never ceases to amaze me!
The girls battle with Meow EVERYDAY during craft time...he always wants to be in the middle of the action! I always thought cats were suppose to be standoffish. Guess not!
Almost done!
She LOVES sitting in this position...
The girls played while their projects dried in the didn't take long with the HEAT we had today!
In fact, it was so hot that we had to move the party inside...air conditioning is such a great thing! After the picture dries, just peal the contact paper off to reveal your beautiful initial masterpiece :o)
We decided to put a little frame around the edge...
Yea Sophie Le!
Next up...Hillary Ashton. I have to admit that one of the things I was looking forward to this summer was getting to see Hillary Ashton in her regular clothes instead of those boring uniforms everyday. Well, it looks like we traded the blue/khaki/plaid uniforms to her summer uniforms...this Hello Kitty outfit and her Grrrr shirt. As soon as either one comes out of the laundry, she grabs it. Haha! So much for diversity :o)
I have really enjoyed doing crafts with Julianne this summer...she LOVES them...look at that SWEET face!
Look at that sweet!
Could she be enjoying the glue stick anymore?
The thought that I could have missed having this child in my life takes my breath away. No matter what, you MUST follow your heart in life. It wasn't an easy decision for us to start our Ethiopian adoption, but we really felt a call to Ethiopia. I am soooooooo thankful we answered the call :o) I cannot imagine our life without this sweet little girl :o)

The finished artwork...Sophie Le, Hillary Ashton and Julianne.

We hung up their artwork in the dining gallery to surprise daddy when he got home from work :o)

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Laura said...

I love love love your blog! You are so busy with all of the stuff with the kiddos, and you manage to do a craft everyday. Do you sleep? And, how do you fit in cleaning and grocery shopping? I need to take notes!!! Miss you,