Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 162 - Looking back and Happy Birthdays...

This weekend last year, we were busy moving into our new house. We moved literally days before our week long trip to Ethiopia to pick up Julianne! Buying our new house, selling our old house, closing, packing for our trip, packing our house, preparing for was a crazy time to say the least :o)

There are days I really miss our old house...

Actually, I really, really miss the space....a lot! However out here in the country, we have a whole different type of space...
...and we kinda like that too :o)

This weekend last year was exhausting. This weekend has also been exhausting...each of the girls had a birthday party to attend today. First up was Julianne's friend E. E is a super cute little boy from our church. Neil took the little girls and they had a blast celebrating with E, cowgirl style :o)
Neil said the girls LOVED the ponys and cupcakes...not necessarily in that order...haha!
The next party was for Hillary Ashton's friend, A. A is another sweet, sweet friend of HA's that she has know since birth. They have very similar "dreamer" personalities and I LOVE that :o) A's party was at River City Gymnastics. The girls always love going to parties there.
I didn't get a very good picture of the cake, but it was soooooo cute! It was a Candyland cake. Hillary Ashton thought it was so cool that not only did you get a piece of cake, but candy as well! She is a smart little girl :o)
Happy Birthday A!!!

After the morning parties, we had a yummy lunch at Chili's and made a quick trip to Babies R Us to exchange our NEW DOUBLE stroller. We bought the stroller last week and I used it one day and it is AWESOME. I am so glad we got the new stroller because I think my arm was just about to fall off! I HEART the new stroller very much :o) (The one we bought last week had a little defect)

This afternoon, the big girls & I went to celebrate G's second birthday with her. She had a princess party. Another cute cake...
When we first got to the party, I was surprised to see G had gotten her hair cut. It was much shorter than before, but super cute and sassy. Her mom told me that G wanted to get her hair cut like Sophie Le's so her older brother (one of HA's friends) CUT HER HAIR! Oh my goodness! G's mom took her to a stylist to have it straightened out and it looks adorable! I guess the end result was achieved, she now has a cute bob like Sophie Le...haha!
Happy Birthday G!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Don't forget about Friends of Fanose, we have been sitting steady at $515 for most of the week. Spread the word, let's build a well!!!

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