Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 165 - Yea!!!, FOF, Birthday Planning & Craft: Spin Art...

March 12, 2005 - Our family in simpler times...haha! Enjoying a day at Petit Jean Mountain...

April 15, 2005 - Hillary Ashton's first swim suit. Oh.my.goodness...LOOK at those sweet legs!

June 11, 2005 - My precious baby sleeping in her bed. It seems like just yesterday!

Why would I post these pictures tonight? Besides the fact that I am obsessed with Hillary Ashton's chubby little baby legs...haha! Well, I will tell you why...because I can!!!!!!! ALL of my pictures are safe!!!!! It cost a small fortune to save them, but they are safe!!! I am about to burst with happiness!!! So, obviously I need to back up my pictures somehow. Has anyone used an online backup service like Carbonite?

Friends of Fanose - I just get so excited when I get to report GOOD news about our well fund :o) We are trucking right along toward our $5000 goal!!!! Thank you to my good friend, Tiffani for helping us reach a new high of...

$890!!!!!!!!! Our $890 will help Forty Four people gain access to CLEAN drinking water!!!!!!!

Thanks again, Tiff!

Please continue to spread the news about Friends of Fanose!! Click here to visit our Charity: Water site.

Speaking of Fanose...can you believe she will be TWO years old tomorrow!!! How in the world did that happen..haha! Tomorrow is also the one year anniversary of the day our adoption paperwork for Julianne Fanose was officially signed in Ethiopia. She endured more heartache in her first year of life that many of us will endure during our entire life. However, she has never lost her sweet spirit and love of life. I admire her so much. If any of you are scratching your head trying to decide what to get her, may I suggest a donation to her well fund...haha!

We made a (not so) quick trip to Hobby Lobby today for birthday party supplies! I just LOVE planning the girls' birthday parties! So fun! We are planning a joint party for Hillary Ashton and Julianne this year. I am just so excited about the theme for their party...Sweet Shop! The girls are thrilled with the idea of having a "candy party." Haha! I started their birthday banner this afternoon, here is a little teaser...
I am planning to use lots of hot pink, lime green and zebra prints. So exciting!

Since we spent a lot of time using our imaginations at Hobby Lobby this afternoon, we did a quick, easy craft for today's craft. Spin art!
Spin art is not only quick and easy, it's FUN too :o)


Lisa said...

Oh my! Those yummy, chubby baby legs are too much! I'm so glad your pictures are safe! I'm looking into a professional grade hard drive, Glyph, I think it's called, but an online service is probably a great idea as well! Can't be too safe with something so precious!

Jason and Erin said...

I don't know the whole story, but my grandmother-in-law lost alot of valuable (sentimentally) information using Carbonite. Just FYI.