Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 166 - Lesson Learned...

After our blistering trip to the zoo yesterday, mama learned her lesson :o) Today we spent the afternoon splashing in the wave pool, floating through the lazy river and floating on a lily pad. MUCH BETTER :o) However, mama decided to leave her camera in the car so there are no cute pictures to share. You will just have to take my word for it, the kids were cute and smiled a lot...haha! As an added bonus, our sweet friends met us there! We had such a good time...maybe we'll go back tomorrow :o)

I did manage to take a quick pic once we got home :o)

This child has been saying the "funniest" things lately. Not necessarily funny/haha, but funny/worded differently that you would expect. Like today in the wave pool, she came over and said, "Mama, it will be fine if my bow gets wet. Is that right?" Yesterday as she sat in timeout beside me, Hillary Ashton came into the room and asked if she could have the stickers she was holding in her hand (which happen to be the stickers we get a church when we check in on Sundays...the girls LOVE them...haha). I told Hillary Ashton, "I think those stickers are Sophie Le's, please put them on the kitchen counter." A few minutes later, Sophie Le (still in her pouty/in trouble voice) said, "Mama, you are absolutely right about those stickers being mine." Haha!! That earned her a free trip out of time out...this girl cracks me up...everyday!

I am so used to having four kids. Four kids that all look different. Honestly, I don't think about how different our family looks very often. I guess I am delusional and think "My family blends in. We don't stand out at all." However, it usually doesn't take long for someone to pop my lala land bubble and bring me back to reality. Like today at the water park. A lady said, "Oh, aren't they cute. Are these your daycare kids." I wish I could say that is the first time I have been asked that! Haha!

Julianne's fascination with her pool box has continued throughout the day :o) She LOVES carrying the box around and staring at the pictures. I wish I would have known that a box would have sufficed as her present :o)

Tonight for our craft, me and my girl worked on her birthday party invitations. Her 6th birthday party invitations. 6th. 6th. I cannot believe my baby is almost SIX!!!
She LOVES the bling :o) Me too!
DSC00160 friend just sent me these pictures from this afternoon (thanks Tricia!)

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