Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 168 - Tea Party Birthday, Surprises & Fun...

This morning, Hillary Ashton, Jonah and I went to the CUTEST birthday party for one of my favorite little girls, AC! I am so thankful that Hillary Ashton has such good, sweet friends. AC's mom did a SUPER job with the birthday tea party. The decorations were cute, the craft was so cute (the girls made note cards with different stamps & ribbons) and the games were cute...CUTE, CUTE, CUTE party :o) I just LOVE birthday parties :o)
Each little girl had a special tea cup with their initial attached. This was also their party favor...such a great idea!
Hillary Ashton wore a dress to the tea party. Hillary Ashton was talking on the phone to her Ganny on the way to the party. The bits of their conversation I heard cracked me up! Hillary Ashton said "I am wearing a dress to the tea party. I would never go to a tea party in shorts. That would not be good." Haha! She also wore about every piece of jewelery she owns...haha! I guess we have a true Southern Bealle in our presence!
Hillary Ashton and her sweet friend from school, J...
Hillary Ashton and her bestie, AC...

Hillary Ashton knew that her Ganny and Papa Texarkana would be at the house when we got home...with her birthday present :o) There was great anticipation as we pulled into the driveway :o)
When she caught a glimpse of her surprise she was shocked! Haha!
And happy!
Mommy's favorite part of the surprise? Uncle Todd came to put it together :o) Haha!
The girls LOVE their birthday surprise!!
This one had a hard time jumping because she was giggling too hard :o) Is there anything better than a giggling baby? I think not!
This one liked to hop around like a frog :o)
We were so happy cousin Ashley came for a visit too!
Uncle Todd with his little buddies...
As much fun as the new trampoline is, it was still HOT, HOT, HOT today so the girls decided to splash around in the kiddie pool...
These two are a mess! Seriously, a mess! Haha!
And I sure do love them!
Hillary Ashton and Ashley...

We had a FUN, HOT day!

The Friends of Fanose fund is up again!!! Yipeee!! The new total is....

$995!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all, that is a BIG deal!!!!!

Can you believe it? I am just so thankful that 49 people will have access to CLEAN, SAFE drinking water because of your help!!! On behalf of the moms, dads and children that will be able to get their water from a clean well instead of a germ infested puddle of water....THANK YOU!! We are making a difference in this world! And it feels so good!

A special thank you to today's donor, Linda Smith! I am so thankful for your help!


Heather M. said...

Oh Fun Party & A Fun Surprise waiting at home! It's almost too much! Well, maybe not!!! You know what I do during the summer? I buy a cheap sprinkler, the old fashioned circle ones that has a soft spray & I set it up under the trampoline. The kids love it & it is much cooler while they jump! Hope your girls love their new toy!!

Lisa said...

I see hours and hours of bouncy fun in your future!