Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 173 - Missing My Girls...

Another day of SonShine Kids/MDO for us :o) I am just LOVIN' having all four of my babies with me all day! I get to be Sophie Le's teacher, feed Jonah at lunch, & get lots of hugs and kisses from my big girl as she passes my room with her class. I wish I could see Julianne more, but she isn't quite to the point where she will let me say Hi and leave her class without a fit so I just get to do quick peeks every now and then :o)

This afternoon, I finished up the aprons for Hillary Ashton's birthday party tomorrow and then we took a little road trip to meet Ganny and Papa Texarkana. The little girls are spending the next two nights with them since Hillary Ashton has her friend party tomorrow afternoon at a pottery studio (probably not the best place for a 2 and 3 year old...haha) and her FIRST SLEEPOVER tomorrow night! Hillary Ashton is SOOOOOOO excited!

After we dropped off the little girls, we stopped at Wendy's for a little snack. Hillary Ashton kept calling her frosty and "freezer." Haha! I just LOVE when the kids mistake words. Unfortunately, with Hillary Ashton it is becoming less and less as she gets older.


I called to check on the little girls are few minutes ago and Papa Texarkana shared this conversation with me...

Ganny: (to the little girls) Would you like to sleep in here in my bed with me tonight?
Sophie Le: No
Ganny: Oh, where would you like to sleep tonight?
Sophie Le: In another room.
Ganny: Which one?
Sophie Le: The kitchen.

Haha! This does not surprise me at all! My girl LOVES the kitchen...always has. It just cracks me up that given the choice, that is what she would choose. I think they compromised on the den which is next to the kitchen :o) Gosh, I sure miss those babies!


The Jennings said...

Love the "freezer" and the "kitchen". You know sometimes I just wish for a little break from the kids and then when I get one, I wish I had them back! I can still miss them when I am in the shower! Isn't it fun to be so smitten with our babies!


Kelly said...

I love mixed up words, too. B Called it breafkast and cartoons were crouton. Kit is calling elevators alligators And escalators are escavators. I can't wait to see the aprons for the party.


Renee said...

HAHAHHA! The kitchen! That's awesome! I love hearing Henok make mistakes. He's 14, but only an English speaker for 2 years. The other day he said he didn't want any "Powder John" on his spaghetti.(Parmesan) HAHA!