Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 175 - SWEET Candy Party & KITTENS!!!

Today we had a celebration for Julianne's 2nd birthday and Hillary Ashton 6th birthday. The inspiration for today's party was the girls...the theme? SWEETs :o)

I just LOVE how the decorations turned out (AND they were SUPER easy). Here are a few of the lollipops...

Each lollipop is made with two paper plates, two sheets of tissue paper, ribbon, a dowel and cellophane wrap. I spray painted the dowels silver, then hot glued two paper plates (facing one another) together (with the dowel placed in the middle), then wrapped the plates in tissue paper & cellophane and finished them off with coordinating ribbon. Cute, easy & cheap(CEC)...perfect :o)

I also did several pieces of candy...some were hung from the ceiling and the rest were just sitting around.

These are super CEC :o) Wrap colorful paper lanterns in cellophane and tie the ends in coordinating ribbon.

While I was finishing up the decorations this morning, Hillary Ashton and her sleepover friends were busy, busy bees :o)

They played several rounds of hopscotch...
Played with 3D sidewalk caulk...
Went for a few rides around the yard...

After playtime, Daddy took the girls to Shipley's (in their PJs) for donuts. When they got home, I ran to check the clock to see how much time until the was only 8:00 a.m.!!!! According to AC, they were up at the crack of dawn this morning...haha!

Does the fabric on the table look familiar? Haha! The fabric will be an apron dress for Sophie Le soon :o)

Birthday girls...ready to party!

Ready to party...yes. Ready to pose for a couple pics...not really...haha!
Luckily, after a few tickles she was ready to go...
She kinda liked the big lollipops...
I am sure you can guess where this is going...
Hahahahaha! Man, I love that sweet girl!

Unfortunately, the big lollipops didn't taste as good as she hoped so we headed inside and she set her sights on the SWEETS table...she has a major sweet tooth just like her mama :o)

One thing she is not fond of is how mama keeps putting food with fire attached in front of her.
Once she blows out the candles, she is much happier with the situation :o)

This child has WAY too many candles on her cupcake this year!

Sophie Le is so excited that her birthday is next...
She has done sooooo good with BOTH of her sister's having birthdays this month. I know it has too be hard for a three year old to understand.

Cousin Ashley...
Cousin Ally Grace...

Presents! Julianne started opening presents with ONE bow in her hair...
She got a bow to match each new outfit she opened and she was insistent that each bow be placed in her hair immediately...haha! That's my girl!
There are times when we wonder if she is on track with her language development and then there are days like today when she surprises us with her language development :o) She opened a pair of shoes and shouted, "Twinkle Toes!" Plain as day! I cannot believe she even knew what the shoes are called! I know Hillary Ashton has a pair, but the pair Julianne got today don't even look like Hillary Ashton's :o) Haha!

Hillary Ashton was soooooooooo excited to get an American Girl doll that looks just like her...glasses and all :o) She named her Hillary Ashton, Jr...haha!
They have been inseparateable is hard to tell them apart now that they are dressing alike :o)

Sophie Le got to open a couple presents too...
More Twinkle Toes!

Pretty good shot of a few of the cousins together...
we missed getting sweet Ashley and Matt :o(

No party is complete without Silly Sting!
A lot of parents don't like "Cheese" faces...I am not one of those parents :o)
Sweet cousins...they are two months apart in age...

Daddy and his boy...I wonder if we will have the honor of celebrating his first birthday with him in a few months?

The trampoline continues to be a big hit...
Julianne pouting because Mama wouldn't let her jump on the trampoline with the big kids...
Don't worry...she got her turn :o)

Happy Birthday Julianne and Hillary Ashton!!! We are so blessed to have such sweet little girls in our family!

Okay. Big news! Remember on Day 160 when I posted that Princess Lola had kittens? It has been over two weeks since the day she gave birth and we haven't been able to find the kittens anywhere. We have searched and searched and searched. We just figured Princess Lola was too young to have healthy kittens and they must have passed away. However I am happy to report the kittens are alive and healthy!!! I went to meet Daddy and the girls in the garage this morning as they were getting back from breakfast and we heard a very faint "meow." We stated looking around and found this sweet thing...
and his three friends...

Sweetness! If anyone is looking for a kitten, PLEASE let me know! The kittens will be ready for their new home in about a month. The Mom (Princess Lola) and the Dad (Meow) are incredible cats. They are affectionate, playful and GREAT with the girls. They live outside and are very easy to care for. Here are a few pictures of them when we first got them (in November 2009)...
Come on, you know you want one :o)
Look how happy your kids will be...haha!
Free to a good home...
I am really not a cat person, but these cats are pretty cool :o)

There are four kittens. Three grey and black like Princess Lola and one solid black like Meow.


The Jennings said...

Happy Birthday Girls! The parties looked so cute and fun!


Lisa said...

Those party decorations are adorable, especially when Julianne is trying to eat them! What a happy birthday!

Sami said...

Julianne with all the bows in her hair??? I'm pretty sure I have one of her Mama that looks just the same!!! Totally know where she gets it. Now if I can only get around to scanning it... :)

The Garners said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girls! What a super cute party!

Love the pictures of J with all the bows in her hair! :)