Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 177 - Kittens, Touvit Forte, Twinkle Toes and Friends of Fanose


The girls are in LOVE with the new kittens. We let them hold the kittens today for the first time and they were in heaven. So sweet.

I have to admit, they are pretty cute...

Don't you think they're cute? Just say the word and they will be ready to come cuddle with you in about a month :o)

This afternoon, I walked into the living room and Hillary Ashton and Sophie Le were watching HSN...Home Shopping Network. I NEVER, EVER, EVER watch that channel. I have no idea how they even ended up on that channel. However, they were engrossed. Hillary Ashton called me over to watch, however she did not take her eyes off of the television. The girls watched the program for a good 15 minutes. The only words they muttered were, "Wow," "Oh my goodness," So cool." As soon as the segment went off, Hillary Ashton ran out of the room and returned with the telephone. She said, "Mom, you have to order some Touvit Forte." Yes, she actually used said those words, "Touvit Forte." And when she wanted me to order some, she was serious. I told her that we would ask daddy when he got home, but she said, "They might sell out. I've got to call him now!" Haha! And you know what? She did. She told him all about the "Touvit Forte from Germany." Haha! After she told her Daddy all about the "awesome tube of Touvit Forte," she called and told her Ganny. Haha! When Daddy got home she asked him to look it up on the computer and they did :o) She sit there amazed as they watched the same video segment we watched earlier on the television.

Her birthday is tomorrow and as she was going to bed she said, "I really hope I get some Touvit Forte for my birthday tomorrow."

That is weird.

Touvit Forte is a tube of cleaner. It gets rid of stubborn stains.

I will admit, it looks pretty cool to me. However, I am not sure why my five year old is so obsessed with it. I guess I need to get HSN blocked...haha! She is quite impressionable!

I sure wish I would have known a week ago that I could have made her birthday wish come true with a $20 tube of cleaner!!

The girls got new Twinkle Toes...
They have only had them a few days and I wouldn't be surprised if the lights are about to wear out...haha! Several times today, I found them in the pantry with the light off giggling and stomping around. So sweet!

Don't forget about Friends of Fanose!!! We were doing soooo good, but we have been setting steady at $1020 for a week. WE NEED YOUR HELP to build a well in Africa! So far we have raised enough to provide 51 people with CLEAN, FRESH drinking water and that is AMAZING, but we hope to raise enough to provide an entire village with water! WE CAN DO THIS!!! Continue to spread the word!
Click here to visit our Charity: Water site to track our progress and donate...all donations are tax deductible!!


Emy said...

Oh my, the kittens are SO SWEET! I can't wait to get Eva a pair of twinkle toes, that girl of mine LOVES shoes!
Happy Birthday Hillary Ashton! I love that you still call her 5 til the last second, I do the EXACT same thing! :o)

The Jennings said...

The kittens are so cute! But I don't want one. Ha! About the HSN channel...I have been really tired and just flipping through channels and stopped on HSN. Corey walks in and says, "What are you watching?" I'm like I don't know, but something about watching this makes me want to keep watching it. It's kind of mesmerizing. I laughed and laughed at Hillary Ashton about the Touvit Forte. No matter what the product is, you just want to buy it!


Sami said...

I am STILL laughing! Oh my word. I should send that girl some!!!