Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 178 - Happy Sixth Birthday Hillary Ashton!!!

Hillary Ashton, a few days old - 2004
Newborn Baby
Hillary Ashton, June 2005
Birthday #1
Hillary Ashton, June 2006
hillary ashton 2006
Hillary Ashton, June 2007
Birthday #3
Hillary Ashton, June 2008
Birthday girl (actually not until June 29th!)
Hillary Ashton, June 2009
Hillary Ashton, June 2010

How can it be possible that six years have passed since Happy Hillary Ashton entered this world? It literally seems like yesterday, we were holding that precious, tiny, sweet little baby wondering to ourselves, "What in the world are we suppose to do with a baby?" Haha! Hillary Ashton has been a delight to us every single day of her life. She has always had an incredible sense of humor and the sweetest spirit. She is also a little firecracker and I LOVE that :o)

On Tuesdays, Hillary Ashton "helps" me in my MDO class. Her "help" consists of playing with her friend EM all day...haha! This morning as I was packing lunches for MDO, Hillary Ashton said, "I cannot believe I have to work on my birthday." Hahahaha! Cracked me up...seriously. I can so imagine that coming out of her mouth in about twenty years. She didn't know that I had someone filling in for me today so we could spend the morning together...just the two of us :o) As we were dropping off the little kids, I asked her if she would like to stay at work (hahaha!) or go do something fun. She was SO excited :o) I just LOVE surprising my baby girl!

She was thrilled when we got to the car and she realized that I had packed our swim bag :o)
We had SO MUCH fun at the local water park. Since we didn't have the little kids with us, we were able to ride the bigger slides. Neither one of us have a strong desire to ride those rides again anytime soon :o) I have a nice sized bruise on my bottom and she got flipped one too many times. I would have ridden the slides as many times as the birthday girl wanted, but I pretty happy when she said, "Maybe we can ride the big slides again when I turn seven." Haha! We decided to spend the rest of the morning floating in the lazy river and riding waves in the wave pool :o)

For her birthday lunch, she chose Larry's...yummy! I couldn't believe how much my princess ate! She had four and a half pieces of cheese pizza, one and half pieces of chocolate chip pizza, one cinnamon stick, a bowl of croutons, a package of crackers and a Dr. Pepper!!!! Goodness gracious! Who knew that a six year old could eat so much more than a five year old :o) Luckily for me, no one blogging is about how much I ate...haha!

When we got home, all of the girls were so excited to get mail (thanks Ganny and Papa Texarkana). Really, there are not many things in this world my girls like better than getting mail.

Sophie Le will carry around this mail for days :o)

Julianne listening to me read her mail to her...so sweet!
Sometimes it just takes my breath away looking at Julianne. She is so beautiful. I would LOVE to know what her mother looked like.
I think we are months away from losing her sweet 'fro :o( Her hair is growing so fast. The longer it gets, the harder it is to poof it out into a 'fro. Although, I am sure it will look cute laying down too...I am just afraid it will make her look older. I am not ready for my baby to grow up!

Another thing I LOVE about Julianne is that she is such a girly girl :o) I have always wanted a girly girl :o) Haha! She LOVES all things pretty and sparkly...bows, shoes, dolls, jewelry, etc. All of the girls like to play with Barbie dolls, but Julianne LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to play with Barbies :o) She loves to do their hair and picking out bows for their hair.

We had a nice cool down in the temp today. I think it was around 90 this afternoon and Sophie Le said, "Mama, I have to go get some blankets because it is so cold outside." Haha!

Since Hillary Ashton loves to draw and color so much, we decided to get her a nice table and chairs for her room (it is actually a dining room table from Target). She did projects ALL afternoon today! I hope she never loses her passion for art!
For one of her pictures, she was drawing a family portrait. She had her little sisters pose for the drawing...
Haha! They did pretty good standing still for a few minutes...until they got bored...



Nadra said...

HA looks so grown up in the 2010 picture compared to the 2008 pic. They just grow up too fast. Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Hillary Ashton.

Love the last pic of the little girls looking bored. Precious.

Renee said...

The older Ethio girls boil flax seed until it makes a gel, then put it in the hair, while wrapping it around their finger. It makes SUPER CUTE shiny ringlets!