Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 180 - Whoo Hoo & Skype...

I've posted everyday for 1/2 of 2010!!! Whoo hoo! When I decided to blog everyday, I wasn't sure if I wasn't sure I would make it a far, so good :o)

I have to make tonight's post quick because Hillary Ashton has discovered Video Skype (yes, it was HER idea...I am not sure where she got the idea) and she is in love :o) Haha! Poor Ganny and Papa Texarkana, they are the only ones we have added to our Skype account so far and I think she has called them at least 15 times today :o)

Ganny had to take a little break from their video conversation today (because she had company) and Hillary Ashton spent the next few hours picking out the perfect outfit for their next call...haha!

Look at that sweet face...LOVE it!
At the beginning of their conversation, Ganny couldn't hear Hillary Ashton so Hillary Ashton wrote her notes and held them up for the webcam...I think she enjoyed that about as much as she did once the sound started working :o)

Sophie Le really likes the video phone too :o) I just LOVE how she covers up her little mouth with both hands when she laughs really hard...
Obviously, she wasn't as concerned as big sister when it came to proper video phone attire :o)

We had great success in the potty training arena today :o) I feel really bad that Julianne does so good on days when I make it a priority and then I forget about it for a few weeks...bad mama! She only had one accident today...pretty good!! I am going to do my best to give her the opportunity to potty train over the next week, if she is ready.

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Lisa said...

Way to go, Julianne, literally!

I love that Hillary was writing notes when the sound didn't work. That's exactly how we skyped with my sisters when we were in Vietnam. They didn't really care what we had to say anyway. They just wanted to see Eli! LOL