Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 181 - Lunch at the River Market

You can take the girl out of Vietnam, but you can't take the Vietnamese out of the girl...not that we would ever want to :o)
That baby LOVES (and I mean LOVES) Asian food...LOVES it. She could probably eat her body weight in fried rice...haha!
This girl...
and this girl...
...take after their mama...we can't get enough pasta :o) Our pasta was soooo yummy. Our family really likes at food courts so we can all get the type of food we like :o)

Hillary Ashton thinks it is so cool to go into Daddy's office to get him for lunch while the rest of us wait in the car. She told the lady at the front desk at Daddy's office that she was there to get her Daddy and we would be gone for an hour :o)

After lunch we spent some time at the Peabody Park. It is a really nice area right on the river. There are sprinkers, tubes, slides and tunnels. The girls LOVE it there.
The girls had a ball running through the water sprinklers...
Well this one LOVED running through the water...
These two liked to watch the water...but had no desire to get wet :o)
They just liked walking around looking cute :o)
So thoughtful of Jonah to cover his face so I wouldn't have to do it with a heart :o)
It always amazes me how Hillary Ashton makes friends wherever she goes...she has no problem joining right in...
My two little girls like to stick close...I like that :o)
The girls checking out the AR river...

See the bar right behind the girls? The Flying Saucer. That is where Mommy and Daddy met :o)

This street performer has become a landmark in Downtown LR. He is the only one I have ever seen down there. I love watching him reminds me of the street performers we saw in Paris. Hillary Ashton doesn't think a trip downtown is complete without visiting him :o)
Julianne thought he was kinda weird :o)

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Heather M. said...

Oh I love how your spray park is out in the open...pretty sunshine! Ours is down in the middle of a wooded area. Hello! East Texas...Mosquitos...water...woods?!? Not a good idea! Both our boys & Caleigh will pick a Vietnamese/Japanese/Chinese Rest. over any other. We just got a Yamatos & it is super yummy. At least they have veggies mixed in! All of your pictures have been great this month. I have had zero desire to pick up the camera the past few days....I'll have to try & do better! I remember you were going to do the Jillian 30 day shred. Did you finish? Are you please with the result? I'm on day's killin' me! LOL!