Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 187 - VBS, Garden, Kittens & Friends of Fanose...

This morning we went to SonShine kids/MDO. It just hit me today that I only have another month or so before Sophie Le is promoted out of my class! Agg! That will be a tough transition for both of us! Probably more for mama, than for Le :o) Haha! The really crazy thing is that Julianne will be promoting into my class! How in the world is that baby old enough to be in the 2 year old class?

After we got home, Sophie Le helped me get some things together for Vacation Bible School which is next week :o) Our theme is Hero Headquarters and I think the kids are going to LOVE it! My girls are so excited...and so am I :o) I will be doing the Kindergarten recreation so I will have Hillary Ashton during one of the rotations :o) I just LOVE being with my babies!

If you live in the area, we would love to have your kids join us! You can visit our church's website for

Sophie Le LOVED helping me with the name tags! I just LOVE that Julianne and Sophie Le can share clothes...even though they are 21 months apart!
Hillary Ashton, on the other hand, was too busy watching her new favorite show. She LOVES this new show. She asks me if it is on several times a day and when she isn't watching it she loves to talk about it. Yesterday I let her watch cartoons for about an hour and when I told her it was time to turn off the t.v. she said, "Oh man. I wasted all of my time watching cartoons instead of my new favorite show!" Haha! I am really kinda embarrassed to tell you what that show is. Hummm, maybe later :o)
Our garden is growing...slowly :o) We won't be living off of the produce we grow anytime soon! But we all like to water the veggies and watch them grow! Here is an ear of corn...
Hillary Ashton showing off her incredible athletic ability :o)
Sophie Le and Julianne have decided to abandon all clothes when we go outside!
Princess Lola (Mama Kitty) is having a hard time keeping her kittens contained. They are curious little kittens :o) We brought them out to the driveway for a little while after dinner and the girls were in heaven!
So sweet! They all have beautiful blue eyes...
The girls got to watch the kittens feed for the first time. They were VERY interested...
Of course, they each want to keep a kitten. That isn't happening! Anyone want a sweet kitten? Or two...or three...or four? Anyone? Anyone? They are sweet...and cute...and friendly :0) I am NOT going to have six cats. I'm not. Seriously...does anyone want a kitten?

The Friends of Fanose Fund is up to $1185!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea! 59 people will have access to CLEAN, SAFE water because of you guys! On behalf of the people of Africa, THANK YOU! Can you imagine how happy they will be when they are told they will have their very own well? I just get giddy thinking about it! Spread the word! We need YOUR help!

Friends of Fanose Donation Site.

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Laura said...

My boys want a kitten sooo bad! I told them in the next few weeks we would look into it! I am sorry that we are not closer to take one of yours. They are precious, and the boys love to look at the pics of them. Can't wait to hear what show Hilary Ashton is into!