Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 189 - Surprise Visit, Birthday Celebration and A New Baby Doll

Today we got a surprise visit from Papa Texarkana and Ganny :o) The girls went crazy when we pulled up to Larry's for lunch and saw their van...haha! The girls gave their grandparents a rockstar welcome :o)

After the party, I took the little girls to a birthday party for their friend, Bex.
The party was held at the gym Le took lessons at during the Spring so getting to play in the gym has been a longtime dream of Julianne's :o)
How cute is this cupcake cake? Bex's mom made it :o)
For cake time, I stripped Julianne down (for obvious reasons...haha). She had no problem with Mama stripping her down to her diaper in a room full of long as I didn't take off her bow...LOVE it :o)
Sophie Le having a cupcake with she cute or what? I am LOVING her piggie tails. We are FOR SURE growing out Sophie Le's hair now :o) Oh how I miss sweet piggie tails!
How cute are these party favors? Julianne is a little upset with mommy in this picture because I forgot to grab her hat before we left the party room...even after the situation was rectified, she held a bit of a grudge. Lord help me when these girls are teenagers...I think I am gonna be in big trouble :o)
Happy Birthday Bex! The girls had a great time celebrating your birthday with you :o)

After the party, the girls helped Daddy move out of his old office. I am sure Daddy was really thankful to have such great help...haha!

I am so thankful my little girls can share clothes :o) This is another one of the outfits Julianne got for her birthday...
I think it is official...Hillary Ashton's glasses are lost. I have been in denial for about a week. We will have to order her a new pair next week :o( My baby may be a little clumsy and forgetful, but I can't blame her...she comes by those traits honestly :o)

As you may remember, Hillary Ashton got an American Girl doll for her birthday last week. Well, Ganny searched the Internet and found this adorable doll for Julianne. I can't believe how similar their features are!
I think she likes it :o) Thanks Ganny :o)


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