Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 191 - VBS, Friends, Kittens, FOR SALE...

Today was the first day of VBS at our church. The theme this year is Hero Headquarters and the kids all seemed to love it :o) Capes, masks, tall buildings...what's not to love? Haha! For the age group I am working with (kindergarten), we have four rotations which means I get to see ALL of the kindergartners :o) We had about 110 kiddos come through our class today and it was awesome! I am working in recreation so I got to play games all morning...pretty sweet gig :o)

When we got home, my little superheroes had a ball flying up and down the driveway...
Here they come to save the day...

If you live in our area, bring your kids's not too late! Ages 4 to 5th grade....Immanuel Baptist Church.

The weather this week has been crazy...sunny...rain...sunny...rain...sunny...rain. I feel like I am living in Florida :o) Well without the beach and ocean and sand and well, never mind. Haha! Luckily, the rain has brought us little bursts of cooler temps (not scorching!) :o) We took advantage and had a lunch outside...

Mr. Jonah had his first play date this afternoon :o) These babies are sooooooooo sweet.
Jonah and A have a lot in common. Please keep her in your prayers too :o)
I know I may be biased, but is this not the cutest baby ever?!?!?

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Jenna's daddy will see this pictures and agree to let her and her brother have a kitten (OR TWO!!)...

Any other takers? They are SWEET! I found out today that there are two boys and two girls...isn't that just perfect? Seriously, I am not going to end up the crazy country family with 20 cats...seriously!

If you aren't interested in a kitten, how about an awesome house?
We got a pretty cute realtor, don't ya think :o) We are giving it five weeks to sale, wish us luck :o)

Hillary Ashton has found her "dream house." Whenever we are watching HGTV and someone talks about their remodeling their "dream house," she gets mad and asks if someone bought our "dream house." Haha! She told me that she will agree to move from our house to her "dream house," but if someone buys her "dream house" before we do, she isn't moving. And then she proceeded to tell me not to laugh because she is "so serious!" Haha!

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