Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 192 - More VBS & Playing...

Day two of VBS is done...three more to go :o) I LOVE playing with the kiddos all morning, but it is exhausting! Tomorrow we will be playing water games outside...should be FUN :o) The girls are still loving VBS and I just love hearing about all of the fun things they are doing throughout the day.

One of Hillary Ashton's teachers today told me that Hill got really sad for a few minutes and she (the teacher) had no idea what happened. She tried talking to her, but Hillary Ashton said she was just sad and didn't want to talk :o( Her teacher said within a minute or so of trying to talk to Hillary Ashton, Jonah's teacher pushed him in a stroller by Hillary Ashton's class. Hill's teacher said that Hill made a very quick recovery once she saw her brother :o) She ran into that hall to see him and was all smiles for the rest of the time :o) So sweet. She really does love that baby boy :o)


That sweet baby boy is soooo close to crawling! I cannot believe he is already 8 months old! It seems like yesterday sweet hubby was bringing him home from the hospital!

I asked Hillary Ashton why she was sad in her class today and she said that she just missed her mommy :o) I am sorry she was sad, BUT I cannot deny it made me smile :o)

This afternoon was busy too, but we made time to play with play-do

And a QUICK trip to the park...so quick I didn't have time to take any pictures! Someone had to potty...the kind of potty that needs to happen at home :o) Haha!

So we decided to play at our park instead :o)
There is nothing better than the laughter of my babies!

Tonight while I was inside making supper, I heard the girls giggling VERY LOUDLY in the garage. I went to check on them and they were pretending to be babies :o) Haha!

It made me smile that my babies were pretending to be babies :o)

FRIENDS of FANOSE...we need your help!


Nicki said...

your girls are so very cute! and your photography skills are amazing!
- nicki xo
p.s. i just have to know, what was the show that your girl was watching on t.v.? haha!

Jason and Erin said...

Just curious... in the picture of Sophie Le playing playdough, is that Hillary Ashton in the background JUMPING on her playdough? Hilarious!