Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 194 - Our Thrusday...

My girls helping me set up the activities for today...
I don't know what I'd do without their help in the mornings!
Hillary Ashton and AC practicing their song for Family night...there is a kazoo part...the kids LOVE that :o)
Hillary Ashton and EM with is a staple at VBS at our church. The kids give him the rock star treatment :o)

I have ALL of the kindergartners in my class at some point throughout the day. MY CHILD is the ONLY child that got paint all over her shirt today. Haha! You cannot tell how much is really on her shirt from this angle. It is all over the left side and around the back.


I said, "Hillary Ashton, you have paint all over your shirt. What happened?" She said, "Today we made prayer boxes during craft time. I couldn't have made mine as beautifully as I did without making a little bit of a mess. Mama, you will be so happy when you see how good I did on my prayer box. You won't even care how messy my shirt is." Haha! My girl knows me well!

"I wish today was next Tuesday." I have heard that phrase a million times since Tuesday afternoon. I wonder why? Haha! That is the day Hillary Ashton's new glasses are suppose to be ready. She has been kinda bummed that she wouldn't have her new glasses for VBS this week. I have always said my girl is a lucky girl. We got a call from the optometrist this afternoon...glasses ready early! Yea!
She thinks she looks extra cool in her new specs...I agree :O)

Whenever the little girls saw Hill posing, they ran right over...

Can you believe this child will NOT let her VBS teachers take her picture? Haha! They asked me if she ever allows me to take her pictures. Haha!

Julianne telling Daddy all about the craft she made today...she was sooooo proud!

We are learning patience through our garden :o)

Girls on wheels! On your mark...get set...GO!

And their off...


First place on the tricycle...Hill, Second Place on the Diego Car...Le, Third Place on the princes four wheeler...JuJu :o)

Tomorrow is Jonah's DNA test. He will meet his birthfather for the first time. Prayers are appreciated!

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