Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 195 - I Survived!

Whew! What a week! Today was our last day of VBS. Each of the girls brought home a LARGE sack of crafts they made this week. They made some really cute things. And yes, the prayer box was beautiful and totally worth the bottle of spray and wash I used on her shirt from yesterday :o)

The nursery was open this week for kids of teachers so Julianne and Jonah got to attend VBS too :o) Here are a few of Jonah's crafts...
How sweet is his little fingerprint? LOVE it!
And his little foot!

You know when your kids fall asleep before you pull out of the driveway, they had a good time :o)



Tonight our church had a VBS family supper and then we went to "big church" where each age group performed a song they learned this week. I know I may be biased, but the kindergartners did soooooo good! Especially a certain blonde kiddo with new glasses...haha! She was waaaaay into the performance and was VERY serious :o) She may or may not have licked her glasses, right on stage, after mama didn't get them as clean as she would have liked. Haha! The song our group did was called Fish Sandwiches and I sooooo wish I would have recorded it!

The girls' grandparents and cousin Ashley came up to enjoy the evening with us :o)

Hillary Ashton really wanted me to take a picture of her the time I thought it was silly. No I am thinking I am love the picture :o) What a sweet little hand. I know it will grow way to quickly.

The big girls went home with their grandparents for a few days :o( I am already for them to be home!

Jonah's test went fine this morning. He didn't get to meet his dad because they decided to bring him in on another day. He did get to see his mother. I had a VERY NICE conversation with Jonah's caseworker when she brought him back :o) :o) :o)


Renee said...

YAY for VBS!! And YAY for Jonah!! Praying for great news!!!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great week all the way around! I've been thinking about Jonah a lot and praying for good news.