Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 196 - Girls, 5 Guys, Ice and Water...

{all of today's pics are from the phone camera}

Our house has been sooooo quiet today. Having two kids is actually kinda boring...hahahahahaha! It was so funny watching Julianne wander around the house looking for something/someone to play with. She finally gave up, climbed up on the couch beside me and FELL ASLEEP! Haha! That NEVER, EVER, EVER happens around our house! I LOVED it :o)

The big girls are having fun at their grandparents. The last check in I got was that they were waiting on a chocolate pizza to be delivered while watching the Chipmunks. I received a couple phone pics of them this afternoon...

Hanging out at my parent's land...
Still in their pjs at 4 p.m. :o)

If you look closely at the above pic, you can see that Hillary Ashton is driving the other golf cart. I received a text from Ganny a few minutes after the above pics were sent that said..

"You are in big trouble. Hillary Ashton is a speed demon. I told her to slow down and she told me to sit back and relax." Haha!

Okay this is BIG! I have been a vegetarian for about twenty years. One of my favorite things to order when we eat out is a cheeseburger without the meat patty. Which is the bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard. It is really good :o) Over the years, I have gotten lots of weird responses when ordering this sandwich such as: "So you just want a bun?" or "Oh, so you want a grilled cheese." or "How about a bean patty?" or (usually at Burger King), "(Loudly) Huh? You want a WHAT?! A WHAT? HUH? WHAT do you want?" I would say my cheeseburger comes out correctly about50% of the time :o(

Tonight for supper we tried a new restaurant in town, Five Guys. GUESS WHAT!!! They have MY BURGER on the MENU!!!! No special order. No confusion. YEA!!!!!! I am soooooooooo happy!!!!!! The crazy thing is that they only have burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, fries and MY BURGER on the menu. Not alot of choices, but they have MY BURGER!!! YEA!!! This is BIG! I get to order off of the menu!! :o)


Julianne liked that our order came out in a brown paper sack :o)

Mr. Jonah even liked Five Guys tonight...he ate his first (and second and third and fourth) french fry :o)

After supper we stopped by Target to get some ICE for Julianne's hair (they don't have it at Wal-Mart). This product (which only costs $2.99 for the big jar) works GREAT on Julianne's hair. We have tried LOTS of different (much more expensive) products, but nothing keeps the sweet little curls in all day like ICE. In the mornings I wet her hair, put in a little ICE and a bow and we are good to go. Super duper easy! We have been out of ICE for about a week. When I picked up the jar off of the shelf tonight, Julianne went crazy :o) It was so funny. She started dancing and saying "Mine, Mine, Mine!" She insisted on holding it on the way home :o)

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! I saw it on one of my fave blogs this afternoon...

Walk For Water from A Glimmer of Hope on Vimeo.

It is about a 14 year old American boy that wanted to experience what it is like for the people in Ethiopia to haul water each day. It is powerful. It makes me soooo grateful to live in a country where I can turn on the faucet and get a clean glass of water to drink. A country where I can turn on a faucet and brush my teeth in clean water. Y'all, it is a luxury to have clean water at your disposal. One billion people do not have that luxury. We are hoping to change that for an entire village in Ethiopia! Will you join us? Click here to learn more.

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Jason and Erin said...

My sister uses "Mixed Chicks" hair product on her little girl and loves it.