Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 198 - August 19th... a date I cannot get out of my mind. It is the first day of school in our area. Right now I have no idea where Hillary Ashton will start first grade. Eeeek! She may go back to the school she went to last year or she may go to a public school, a different private school, home school (oh wait...I mean "she may be educated at home"...that's the cool way to say it...haha!), we have applied for an intra-district transfer, we are considering a district transfer...oh my! Haha! Decisions, decisions. School is such a pain :o) No one ever told me the incredible pressure that surrounds educating your children.

No matter what school option we pick, I know none of us will enjoy her first day of First Grade as much as we enjoyed her first official day of Kindergarten...


However we have managed to decide on a vacation spot. Believe it or not, it isn't Destin this year! The girls (and mommy and daddy) are soooooo excited!

Joanh started standing today (with assistance!).

Friends of Fanose.


The Garners said...

LOVE the first day of kindergarten picture!! :) :)

Praying for y'all in your school decision. I wish HA would be going to school with Rhett!

Heather M. said...

Good luck on the school decision. It isn't easy for sure!

So, spill the beans! Where's your Vaca this year?