Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 202 - Inappropriate Proposition & Sophie Le's Hair...

Before I forget I want to share something kinda funny from yesterday. After MDO, we met Daddy at a school that we were considering for the girls. While we were taking the tour, Hillary Ashton went to play on the playground with some of the school kids (it is a private school and they have a summer program). Here is the conversation I had with Hillary Ashton as we drove home...

HA: (In a VERY serious voice) Mama, you will not believe what happened while I was playing on the playground.
Me: What happened?
HA: One of the boys asked me to be his girlfriend.
Me: (That sure helped make up my mind...that school is OUT..haha!) What did you say?
HA: I didn't know what to say, Mama. I just looked at him and said, "Oh my gosh" and walked away.

Hahaha! You never know how your kids will react to situations such as this, but I think my girl did good!


Another funny story. I have mentioned before (several times, in fact) about Hillary Ashton's sweet friends, but I haven't mentioned much about Sophie Le's. Sophie Le has some of the sweetest, cutest little friends at church. I am so thankful for each one of them. I have had the pleasure of getting to know them really well this year since they are in my MDO class. Anyways, yesterday I noticed that one of Sophie Le's friends (AB) had gotten a haircut. I told her mom that it looked really cute. The mom told me that AB wanted to get her hair cut like Sophie Le's so she took her to their stylist. After the stylist finished cutting AB's hair, she looked in the mirror and told them they forgot to make it black like Sophie Le's. Haha! This story is even funnier to me because another one of Sophie Le's friends had her brother cut her hair to be like Sophie Le's a month or so ago. Haha! Who would have thought Sophie Le would be such a trendsetter in for the 3 year olds? Haha!

The girls and I were super busy today getting ready for school :o) I am actually really EXCITED about school this year...and so are the girls. Hillary Ashton asked me several times if she could start school early...haha!


Emy said...

Love the stories! Sophie Le is a rock star! :o)

So.... hmmm... if you're super excited does that mean you're "educating at home" this year?

The Garners said...

Love these stories! :)