Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 203 - Furniture, Piano & School...

Today we spent a nice morning relaxing at the house. I.LOVE.Saturdays! We also did a little impromptu furniture rearranging. We moved a chair from our office to our living room and added a book shelf that used to be in hubby's work office. It is amazing the impact little changes can make to a room.

Great Room
And yes, we still have a big box t.v. :o) We have another one in our garage...I know you are jealous! Haha!

I am planning to make Hillary Ashton's piano lessons a priority this Fall. I am thinking one lesson from Daddy per week and 20 minutes of practice three days a week...what do you think? Is that enough? Too much? Here is the piano book we are planning to use...

piano lessons

This afternoon, we shopped for school supplies. The girls LOVED looking at all of FUN, cool school too! Things sure have changed since I was shopping for my school supplies back in the day!

Sophie Le is so excited to be starting preschool this Fall! We decided to move her up a grade for this year and re-evaluate next Fall to make sure this is the right decision for her. Her birthday is late October so she is pretty close to the cut-off anyways. Academically, she could start kindergarten this Fall. Actually, academically she could have started kindergarten a year and a half ago :o) She is one smart little cookie! She is also great socially once she warms up. The only thing that concerns me about moving her up a grade is that she still likes to throw fits if things don't go her way. I am hoping the fits (and shutting down) will decrease once she is being engaged more. I really think a lot of her fits has to do with the fact that she is bored (and she is three). I am hoping the structure and new activities will be good for her.

It will be a real challenge keeping the girls out of their school supplies for the next three weeks!

Here are a few fun learning games I finished up for the girls tonight. They are called "file folder games" because they are made out of...file folders :o) I think I've done more cutting in the last two days that I have in my entire life...haha!


The Garners said...

Your room looks great--small changes do have a big impact! And we still have the huge box tv too--one time lightning ran in on it and I was so excited...but unfortunately it was "fixable"! ha ha! Lane can't bring himself to buy a new one because of all the little fingerprints and flying toys that are on/around our old tv! :)

I didn't know N played piano--so neat! I wish I'd learned. I took lessons briefly as a the city hall after school with Mrs. Schroeder. I did not like it one bit, but now I sure wish I'd payed attention. I'm sure H.A. will do great!!!

Can't believe it's school supply time!

Laura said...

Love your file folder activities! I am trying to find stuff to use at home with Logan since I am keeping him home for pre-K. I may steal some of your ideas!!! I took piano for about 7 years, and I had to practice 30 minutes everyday! But, I got burnt out on it quickly. I like your practice schedule, and maybe she will want to play on her own too! I now wish that I had stuck with it.