Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 206 - Sad Mama...

This evening I went to the garage to (attempt) to gather the kittens so a guy (and his sister) could look at them. I started looking around and I saw Princess Lola nursing two of her (calmest) kittens. I picked them up and put them in a box while we tried to catch the other two. The third kitten tried to play hard to get, but I was able to catch her fairly quickly. The forth kitten (Treeman) on the other hand, proved to be a little rascal. Neil and I chased him (literally chased him) around the garage for 15 minutes...never caught him. That little stinker is fast!

When the brother and sister got to our house, I took the three kittens (never caught Treeman) to the driveway for them too look at. The third kitten made a mad dash for the garage so the decision was easy for the couple...they decided to take the two sweet (calm) kittens. Haha! As I watched them walk away with the kittens (that Princess Lola was nursing moments before), I felt soooooo bad. Princess Lola just meowed and meowed as the couple drove away. She was one sad mama. However, I am very thankful that the brother and sister were getting the kittens for their parents that live on 8 acres. The kittens will love having the land, their parents sure like running around catching wildlife!

Bye, bye Lilly and Lulu! We will miss you!

The two kittens that left for their new home were both "Hillary Ashton's" kittens. They were her favorites and she named them. I called to tell her (she is still with her grandparents) and she was sad, but I told her I got her a new purple hairbrush at Wal-Mart and that seemed to cheer her up. We will see how she is feeling tomorrow when she comes home. She really wanted to keep all of the kittens...not a big surprise...she is six :o)

Julianne didn't seem phased at all that the kittens left :o) She was pumped that she found the 3D glasses in the garage :o)

Sophie Le was thankful that Treeman was still here. She LOVES Treeman. As fast as that little sucker is, she may get to keep him...haha!

Little Jonah started getting up on all fours tonight! He is sooooo close to crawling. I just cannot believe how fast that baby is growing up! The quality is horrible on this picture...it is hard taking a good picture when you are cheering for your baby...haha!
Jonah has another visit with him birthmother on Friday of this week. I didn't want to take him to his last visit with her and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want to take him to this week's visit.

Tonight, Sophie Le melted my heart. She said,

"Mama, when my birthday comes in the Fall, I am going to get a yummy cake. When I blow out the candles on my cake I am going to make a big wish. Do you know what my wish will be, Mama? I wish that Jonah will stay with us forever because I love him so much and I want him to live with me forever and forever. Do you know why I love him so much Mama? Because he is so cute." I agree Sophie Le and I hope your dream comes true!

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Heather M. said...

Treeman! AhHAHAHA!!! Love it! And, yes, I agree: Baby Jonah should stay with you forever!