Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 209 - School Books and Foster Care...

This morning Jonah had a visit with his birth mother. After last month's visit, I decided that it would be best not to drive my girls' to the part of town where his visit takes place so we met his casworker at Target. The girls (and their mommy) do NOT like dropping off Jonah. The girls asked me a million questions about when (exactly) he woule be coming back, who would hold him and what he would be doing while he is at the visit.

After I loaded Jonah in the caseworker's car, I got back in the car with the girls. Sophie Le begged me to tell the caseworker that Jonah would need a bottle if he started to cry :o) Haha! I told her that I was sure he would be fine and his caseworker would take good care of him. A few seconds later I realized that his car seat wasn't buckled into her car so I hopped out and buckled him in. When I got back in the car, Sophie Le said, "Oh mama, thank you so much for telling her about the bottle. I was so worried about my sweet Jonah." However her relief was short lived :o) She quickly came up with another concern..."Mama, you have to tell her to add water to his bottles. You have to Mama! I don't want Jonah to have to drink a bottle of dust (the formula)!" Haha! Jonah is lucky to have three little mamas!

We received a couple more positive pieces of information from his caseworker :o) Yea! Keep the prayers coming!!

While Jonah was at his visit, I took the girls to a local water park. Besides the dad that swiped the lily pad Hillary Ashton was floating on, the girls had a great time! Haha! I mean, are a grown should not steal toys from a six year old little girl.

When we got home, the girls were SO EXCITED to find their new school books on the front porch!
It took quite a bit of convincing to get the girls to change clothes before digging into their packages :o)
One happy little girl, opening up her first box of books...
She was VERY surprised when she realized that there was another (huge) box of books...
That is a big stack of books, Hillary Ashton!
Welcome to the first grade baby girl! I hope first graders are as much fun as kindergartners...I have a feeling they will be :o)

Sophie Le checking out her new books...
She cannot wait to get started! I cannot believe her curriculum includes cursive writing! Oh my goodness! We have a lot of work to do!

I haven't updated on Julianne's teeth in awhile. You may remember that they were very s.l.o.w to come in. Well, I am happy to report that at 25 months she almost has a mouth full! Yea! There were days when I seriously wondered if she would ever get any teeth! AND...they are pretty, straight teeth...praise the Lord :o)


alexis said...

where did you get all of those books? are you homeschooling???

Heather M. said...

Books Books Books! We LOVE Books!!! I know your girls were excited to get their own boxes in the mail! That is always such a treat! So...guess you've decided on a school, eh? LOL! Wonderful! Enjoy!