Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 211 - The Girls' Busy Books...

The girls LOVE their new Busy (Quiet) books :o)

The books are super easy to make, although they are a bit time consuming. I bought four packages of felt from the craft department at Wal-Mart and it was plenty to make two books. I think I will have enough left over to make Julianne one when she gets a little older. The girls used their busy books today in church. I think they will be perfect for times when I need the girls to occupy themselves quietly (doctor's office, long car rides, etc.)

Here are a few pictures of the girls' books in case you are thinking of making one for your little one.

This is the front cover of Sophie Le's.
I made each page so it could be removed (and shared with a sister) easily. Each page has a pocket on the back that stores the pieces for that page. Each book also has a piece of cardboard that the girls can slip into the pocket of the page they are working on to provide a solid working surface.
Sophie Le's favorite colors are blue and yellow so that is the color scheme I used for her doll's wardrobe...and a bit of pink :o) Many of the pieces are interchangeable so her doll with have lots of options :o)
Sophie Le's second page is a farm scene. All of the pieces are removable and store in the pocket on the back of the page. I made apples and oranges for the tree so she can choose which fruit she would like to grow :o)
The girls love this next page. It has a suitcase lock and keys. I also put a ring in the middle (the same type of ring I used to secure the entire book) so they can put the lock on the ring after they unlock it.
I love watching little fingers work...
The last page is a coloring/doodling page. If you decide to make a page similar to this, make sure to sew the openings for the colors pretty close together to prevent the colors from slipping out. I sewed mine 3/4 of an inch apart.

Here is Hillary Ashton's book...
Hill's favorite colors are pink, purple and teal :o) I also made her a pair of black glasses, but I forgot to put them in the picture. The hearts, belts and initial circle are removable so they can be added to any outfit.
Hillary Ashton LOVES the beach and requested a beach scene :o) Here it is...
I laughed when Hillary Ashton played with her book for the first time last night...she immediately put the Hillary Ashton doll at the beach...I hadn't thought about putting the doll on the other pages...duh! Haha!
Hillary Ashton's next page is a tic-tac-toe game...
I put Velcro circles on the side to hold the pieces while she is not playing with them...
Hill's lock and key page...
Here is another shot of the pockets. All of the pieces are stored in a small jewelry bag that it attached with velcro in the pocket.
How sweet is this? I found it when I was taking pictures of their books tonight...

I really like the ring connectors since it will allow the girls to trade pages and I will also be able to add more pages if we need to.

If you decide to make one, I would love to see it :o)

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Julie said...

Those are so cool. You should sell them on ETSY. I would buy one in a second.

The Garners said...

You are SO talented!!! Do you ever sleep though!? :) You must stay up all night working on these fun things!

The Garners said...

P.S. I just LOVE the farm and beach scenes--they're all super cute, but those are SO FUN! :)

Lisa said...

These are fantastic, Amy! If you get to come to Vietmoms next week, I'd love to see one in person!

Kelly said...

I know you are super busy especially with home schooling but I would LOVE to buy one of these for Katharine if you have the interest/time to make one. It is so clever and I have neither the time nor skill. It would have been perfect for our trips this summer. Hope to see you at Vietmoms.


Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

I adore these felt activity books! I want to make some! Featuring your book today!

Katie said...

These books are wonderful! I've posted a link to your blog to credit you with some ideas I used on my quiet books! Thanks for sharing!