Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 212 - Surprise - First Day of First Grade!!!!!

I am pretty sure the cat is out of the bag, but just in case...We are "educating at home" this year :o) Some may call it homeschooling, but we aren't ready to commit to that term yet...haha! Just kidding...kinda :o)

I am REALLY excited about the curriculum we are using this year. When we were toying with the idea homeschooling back in the spring, we just couldn't get comfortable with the fact that Hillary Ashton wouldn't have transcripts and also the time commitment (I don't mind committing the's just that we have three other kids three and under!) that would be involved with homeschooling.

One Sunday night in March we were having dinner with some friends at their house and a lady I didn't know came by and picked up her son that was over for a play date. She casually mentioned that she home schooled her kids. Hubby and I had discussed homeschooling quite a bit and researched it online so I asked her a few questions. The first thing she told us was that her kids WATCHED their teachers on dvd and she helped them with their school work afterwards AND that the program they use is accredited, meaning her kids get REPORT CARDS! Wow, talk about fate :o) I had NO idea a program like that existed! As soon as we got home, I googled the curriculum and LOVED everything I saw. There was a notice on their website that said that they would be in our town that very week...what a coincidence! Hubby met me at their materials display a few days later and we have been comparing every public and private school to them ever since :o) There curriculum is VERY challenging and is completely infused with Christan teachings.

As much as I like the idea of educating at home, I feel that OUR kids (at some point) will probably benefit from attending a school with other children. We have a year or so (depending on the housing market) goal of moving to a good school district, but for now I am so excited about homeschooling the girls :o)

I am also excited that I will be able to move Sophie Le up a grade...she misses the cut-off by a month or so.

So...yes. We are now THAT family that lives in the country with tons of kids, tons of cats, growing our own veggies (more about her first harvest tomorrow!), making our own clothes and homeschooling our kids. How in the WORLD did that happen? I can honestly tell you I am as surprised as you! Please stage an intervention if I start putting the girls' hair in buns and dressing them in ankle length skirts...please!

Our books came in the mail last week and we have been anxiously anticipating the dvd shipment. Well today was the day!!!


The girls couldn't wait to get started...and there is no one stopping us so we did!

Hillary Ashton saw the picture I took of her with her books the other day and she thought she looked extra cool hence this shot today...

Hillary Ashton attended her first day of first grade today :o) AND I didn't shed a tear :o) I LOVE (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) being with her while she learns. I LOVE that she can learn at her own pace. I LOVE that I am so involved in what she is learning. I LOVE that there was no plaid/khaki uniforms in the mix :o) I LOVE that she was able to wear her pjs to her first day of school...


You know I had to take pics :o) Haha!

Here is her first day of preschool (3 year old program)...
first day of preschool pa - haa

First day of preschool...
first day of noahs kids - haa

First day of kindergarten (well, the first day she attended kindergarten...haha!)

My baby is growing up sooooo fast!

In other not so exciting news...the leaves made their first attack today. Shouldn't someone send them a memo telling them that it isn't fall yet? I feel like we JUST got all of the leaves burned from last fall!


The Garners said...

You are going to be SOOOO good at this, I feel certain!!!! Have a GREAT school year!

Heather M. said...

I have heard wonderful things about the A Beka program. One of the best private schools in Tyler uses it. I hope you enjoy homeschooling and being your girls' teacher. It's never forever...always a year at a time! We're looking into private schools as an option for 5th grade & Pre-K 4 as well as homeschooling. For us, homeschooling in the 4th grade is under way!